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Imran Khan is responsible for Islamabad clash : Javaid Hashmi

Javaid Hashmi press conference in Islamabad 31-08-14Lahore: PTI president Javaid Hashmi has said that chairman Imran Khan breached his commitment by marching towards PM House and he was liable for Islamabad clash.He said he was the only elected office bearer of the party but he asked to left the sit-in if I was not agree with them.

Javaid Hashmi said that when we were talking about taking decision to move ahead or not meanwhile Sheikh Rasheed and a man came there and talked to Imran Khan and then Imran Khan announced his decision for marching towards ,PM House.

He regretted upon the Islamabad clash,attack on the presidency,parliament house,and torture on the media.I do not see much time for Martial Law ,requested Imran Khan again and again but he turned a deaf ear to all my arguments,Javaid Hashmi maintained.

PTI president said I want to make Imran Khan remember all his commitments that he made to me and demand that Imran Khan must come back from Parliament House and police stop attacking media.I said to Imran Khan that why we were taking Dr Qadri’s dictation. I Asked Whywere we Following Someone who is nothing Without us.Not able to move without Our Help.


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