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Imran Khan addressed to empty chairs today

Imran KhanLahore: PTI chief Imran Khan has said that tonight will be a war of nerves, I want you all to come, I’m staying here, I’m used to this container now.I thought tonight will be our semi-final but I can see that tonight is the final match of this tournament,Imran Khan added.

While addressing most of the empty chairs at sit-in place,Imran Khan asked to Nawaz Sharif that no one will be able to save you now, no matter where you run, this nation will not spare you.He said that Model town tragedy FIR to be registered against 20 people, PM Nawaz Sharif’s name not to be included.

PTI chief said govt is spending millions on Metro project, I ask them, why didn’t they spend this amount on hospitals and education? The person who was appointed head of Metro project Hanif Abbasi turned out to be a drug dealer, they told a cat to guard the milk,he added.

He said I ask you all don’t pay your electricity bills, it is unfair to you, the high rates are not your fault, it is govt’s fault,I ask the government that if you have increased electricity rates, you should have more money.Civil society in have set their electricity bills on fire,he maintained.

Imran Khan said that I want to talk to the nation today, Nawaz Sharif thinks we will get tired and leave but he is deluded.IK addressinng empty chairs
On the occasion,PTI president Javaid Hashmi reached there and said I came here straight from the hospital because I couldn’t stand to see Imran Khan PTI standing alone.He said that in a civilized society, a minister will never remain on his seat after such an incident.






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