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PAT is falsely claiming murder of 14 people: JIT

Dr Arif Mushtaq.jpgLahore: Joint Investigation Team has said that PAT is falsely claiming murder of 14 people in Model Town incident.

According to the Punjab police deadly honest and professional officers are investigating the Model Town incident who has found that actually 10 people had died in this tragic incident and 61 became injured and out of them 33 had minor injuries 3 cops had bullets injuries whereas 27 officers and officials become injured with stone hittings,a cop eye was  also damaged  resulting loss of his sight forever.

JIT said two FIR’s of an incident could not be lodged as per the statute law as Model Town incident FIR has been registered so new FIR would be against the law.PAT version has been added in the case file according to the law but the applicant never contacted or persuaded the case. He neither presented evidences not eye witnesses before the JIT and IO.


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