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Faisal Town Police added the PAT version in the FIR of Model Town incident

Cops are rescuing a citizen after clash PAT workers in Modeltown ,LahoreLahore: Faisal Town Police has added the PAT version about Model Town incident in the FIR,but the complainant has neither approached the IO nor provide any evidence in support of his version,this was stated by DPR Punjab police in a statement to clarify the ambiguity among the masses and the media. The Punjab Police spokesperson said JIT has also minutely observed the PAT version. According to the former police officers,cross version in the case record is like a FIR and now PAT FIR has been registered against the 21 people including CM Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif,CM secretary Dr Toqir,former law minister Rana Sana ,federal minister Pervaiz Rasheed,Khawaja Saad Rafique etc.

Punjab Police spokesperson said that JIT investigation is still underway.According to the JIT investigation 10 people had died in Model Town incident,61 became injured and out of them 33 had minor injuries who were discharged from hospital after first aid.3 cops had bullets injuries whereas 27 officers and officials become injured with stone hittings,a cop eye was  damaged  resulting loss of sight for him.

JIT found 9 officers and officials guilty in this incident,4 of them were being arrested and raids are being made for arrest of rest 5 officers including SP Ali Salman who has been declared absconders.SP Salman Ali Khan,with DIG Rai Sardar and other officers...file photo

2 members of JIT given their observation as a special note that was being considered by the other members.

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