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PCB appoints Najam Sethi as a member of Executive Committee

30th BOG Meeting Lahore: The 30th meeting of the PCB’s Board of Governors (BoG) with Shaharyar M. Khan chairing it approved the budget for the financial year 2014-15, was updated on media rights for the forthcoming Australia and New Zealand series, formed various committees and deliberated on the Pakistan Super League.

The BoG appreciated the efforts of PCB management to control expenditure and improved income, resulting in projected profits for the financial year 2014-15.

On the PSL, pursuant to detailed deliberations and discussions a decision was arrived at unanimously to invite the bidders for a meeting next week with the Chairman PCB, and a decision will thereafter be conveyed vis-a-vis the fate of the bidding process.

The appointment of following committees was also approved by the BoG:

Executive Committee: Chairman:  Najam Sethi; Members:  Subhan Ahmed and Badar M. Khan.

Cricket Committee: Chairman: Shakil Sheikh; Members:  Iqbal Qasim,  Intikhab Alam,  Zakir Khan and  Haroon Rashid.

Grassroots Committee: Chairman: Prof. Ijaz Faruqi; Members:  Gul Zada,  Javed Zaman,  Haroon Rashid, Mrs. Shaheen Khan.

Other than Chairman Shaharyar Khan, the following members attended the Special BoG meeting: former Chairman Mr Najam Sethi, Mr. Shakil Sheikh (Islamabad), Mr Gul Zada (Peshawar), Prof Ejaz Faruqi (Karachi), Mr. Iqbal Qasim (NBP), Mr. Amjad Latif (SNGPL), Mr. Mansoor Masood Khan (UBL; via audio link from the UK) , Mr. Yousuf Nasim Khokhar (WAPDA) and Chaudhry Ijaz, federal secretary IPC. The PCB COO Mr. Subhan Ahmad and CFO Mr. Badar M. Khan, Mr. Salman Naseer (Secretary BoG) also attended the meeting.

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