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Geo News contributor purposes Imran Khan

Zainab Jameel Zainab Jameel Zainab Jameel Zainab JameelLahore: Geo News’s contributor and Waqt News former Anchor Zainab Jamil has proposed imran Khan. In Her tweet,she said I do not know how and when I fall in love with Imran Khan,Please marry me Imran Khan,she requested to PTI chief in her tweet.

Zainab Jamil tweeted her proposal just 24 hours before the announcement of the Imran Khan plan of another marriage ,standing on the stage with another bachelor leader Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad who became stunned after listening the Imran Khan’s planning.

After the announcement of the PTI chief ‘s marriage plan,Zainab Jamil’s some photos were being uploaded on tweeter in which she dressed like a bride ,sitting on the bed covered with rose petals and waiting for her groom. She worn white dress rather traditional red dress for the bride. In a picture she looked like waiting for her partner and in another pic she was sending  flying kiss to the prince of  her dreams and in third picture she was smiling as she saw her prince.

The PTI chief who has entered in the sixties and in Pakistani society the man in sixty plus age even could not think about of his marriage but physically more fit than a common pakistani youth,Imran Khan has made angry the traditional people after announcing his marriage plan in public meeting tonight in Islamabad.IK

Though surely a number of girls would be ready to marry him without caring of his age but a leader of  a big party should avoid to give such statements, Imran Khan’s age-fellow commented on his statement.

Another old man said Imran Khan should  look a girl for his his son rather to select a girl for himself.


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