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PTI voters again give sit-in at Lalik Chowk,DHA

PTI sit in at Lalik chok DHALahore:  PTI voters have again started giving sit-in at Lalik Chowk,DHA.The most of the participants were those who could not join Aadi March in Islamabad or could not bear with the conditions in the federal capital

Although the number of the participants was not like the past but even then the youth was taking great interest in the sit-in at Lalik Chowk.The protesters have the opinion that they still remember that their votes were not counted or the result had been changed ,they are protesting to remind the institutions and the government that we are still seeking justice and would continue protest till the justice would have been done.

They lashed the sitting MNA and a federal minister Khawaja Saad rafique from their constituency NA-125 and said if this politician had accepted his defeat and had not managed to change the result,the govt would not have to face such embarrassment.

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