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Mr Imran Khan mind your language please: Shahbaz Sharif

Shahbaz SharifLahore: Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that politicians who believe in rightfulness of their stance do not use abusive language. He wished that Imran Khan had not made indecent and uncivilized remarks before the TV channels in the long march.

Talking to a newspaper correspondent here today, the Chief Minister said that use of harsh words and fiery statements in politics is a routine matter but it is lamentable that a politician has publicly used such a low language first time in the history of the country. He said that no decent person can repeat the words used by Imran Khan against respectable parliamentarians.

In response to a question that some people say that he (Shahbaz Sharif) has also used such language against his political opponents during election campaign, the Chief Minister said that he has never used such words even in daily life let  alone public meetings.

He said that use of strong words against political opponents is quite different from making vulgar and uncivilized remarks. What message Imran Khan who describes himself as the role model of the young generation has given to the youth, he questioned.

Shahbaz Sharif hoped that Imran Khan would show moral courage and withdraw these comments. He said that government is making sincere efforts to resolve the issues but meaningful negotiations and dialogue is required for this purpose. He said that government will continue to display patience and restraint in future as well. He said that the whole nation knows who is refusing to talk at this stage.

Meanwhile, talking to Assembly Members, Shahbaz Sharif said that Imran Khan wants to flout national constitution on Constitution Avenue. He said that unconstitutional demands will lead Imran Khan to political suicide. He said that Imran Khan wants to take wicket on no ball but it is not possible. He said it is lamentable that Imran Khan has not proved to be a good sportsman either.

He said that some shortsighted elements want to put the future of the nation at stake only to achieve their narrow political ends. He said that no attempt to create instability in the country will be allowed to succeed by the nation. He said that patriotic people of Pakistan have not supported untimely long march or the so-called revolution. He said that these elements have no interest in solution of people’s problems.

The Chief Minister said that Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has full support of the people and he has been democratically elected by the masses. He said that those leveling baseless allegations against the Prime Minister who made Pakistan a nuclear power, should apologize to the nation for using indecent language. He said that those threatening to dissolve assemblies are not in a position to talk about constitution and democracy. He said that if Pakistan faced instability, the elements indulging in long march will be responsible and they will never be forgiven by the nation and history.

Shahbaz Sharif further said that unanimous resolution adopted by the National Assembly and Senate for the supremacy of constitution and law represent the sentiments of the people. He said that a few thousand persons cannot be allowed to impose their ideas on 18 crore people of Pakistan. He said that government wants solution to all problems through negotiations as it believes in resolving rather than creating crises. He said that people have given mandate to Pakistan Muslim League-N to steer the country out of the quagmire of problems and the elements involved in protest and negative politics should respect public opinion.

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