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The marchers disappear from Sit-in

Azadi March sit in 22-08-14Lahore: The marchers have disappeared from the sit-in as the sun become furious on Friday noon,blank chairs were looking for the marchers who quarrel and fight for them in the evening.

Although PTI leadership appealed the masses to reach at D-choke where Imran khan would offer Juma prayer but till 1 pass pm 700 to 800 people could reached to offer Juma prayer with their leader ,Imran Khan.

The marchers were being seen in a quite big number as compared to the hot weather in the day while dancing on the beat of the music,chanting slogans for change in the evening when the sun hide itself and cool breeze started in the federal capital vicinity. But in a day time ,the marchers figure is quite embarrassing for the PTI leadership.


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