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The marchers and the revolutionaries give sit in outside parliament

PM directionsLahore: The marchers and the revolutionaries reached outside the parliament after passing through the Red Zone with the the govt’s strategy to retreat to avert human loss in case of clash.

Prime Minister has ordered to security forces that no woman and child should not be harmed at any cost.

PM directed to the security forces that use of power avoid to the last limit so no protester would be injured. He said that protection of life of every citizen was a Marchers and revolutionaries walking towards the red zoneresponsibility of the the government.

The revolutionaries and the marchers walked towards the parliament house with the women and the kids in front row .

At the same moment on the direction of the PM Nawaz Sharif security forces lift the barriers and containers from the rout of  the marchers.Allama Dr Tahir ul Qadri

The women in the march shower  the petals on the cops for not stopping them and keep moving on towards the parliament house.PML-Q central leader and former deputy prime minister Ch Pervaiz Elahi while commented on the situation said it was a very good sign for all those who want to bring change in the country that PAT and PTI has united.He said now ,no one would go back from the red zone till the PM Nawaz Sharif and CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif resigned.

Imran Khan has said that he will wait till tomorrow 8pm,give sit in outside the parliament house and then will enter into the parliament.Neither police nor army can stop our convoy,he added.Imran Khan warned that PM Nawaz Sharif will not give resignation till his deadline then he will enter into PM house.Dr qadri

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