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We will cross Red Zone after 2 days: Imran Khan

IK announcing civi disobedienceLahore: After seeing the unexpected reaction of the marchers on civil disobedience call,Imran Khan has returned to say that we will go in Red Zone after 2 days, Containers cant stop us , police to join us rather to try to stop,he added.

Imran Khan who claimed the biggest decision of his 18 years political career ,proved his political death warrant as the marcher in a state of disappointment starting going back to their homes from sit in from Kashmir Road ,embarrassed the Captain and he spoke again under influence of super hyper and demanded Nawaz Sharif resignation again and warned “I can not hold my youth no longer so please for God sake give resignation”.

Earlier, Imran Khan said time to start civil disobedience campaign and asked the people not to pay any tax,gst,utility bills as their tax money is being spent by the rulers  to become more rich.He said decisions are not meant to be popular one always, sometimes its just need to be sensible enough to avoid confrontations,Imran Khan added.

He promised to the crowd if you do not pay taxes then nobody can stop Naya Pakistan from being made.

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