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For God sake,do not play with the future of Pakistan,Ch Nisar asks to Imran Khan

Ch Nisar Ali Khan is addressing press conference in IslamabadLahore: Federal Interior Minister Ch Nisar Ali Khan has appealed PTI chief Imran Khan to end his agitation and start dialogues,my friend for God sake,please do not play with the future of Pakistan and make mockery of the country in the world.While talking to a crowded press conference,Ch Nisar Ali Khan said Imran Khan call for civil disobedience is a pity joke as he never heard such kind of protest in his 30 years long political career.Civil disobedience is against the state and not the government,he added.

Ch Nisar Ali Khan said that we are ready to accept Allama Dr Tahir ul Qadri and Imran Khan’s every demand under the constitution,government is ready to fulfill their all constitutional and legal demands. He said nation needs unity, peace and democracy not chaos and disturbance. Two committees comprise with representatives of other political parties will hold talks with PTI and PAT to defuse political situation,he added.

He said Pakistan is not a banana republic rather it is a Pakistan is responsible state ,no one can enter Red zone. PTI, PAT failed to bring one million people was it govt fault?  PTI to take pity on their workers,Ch Nisar maintained.

He said that government facilitated protesters despite provocation We must congratulate Forces who provided security to protesters,government had reservations regarding PAT but did not put barriers on their way,he continued.

Ch Nisar Ali Khan said govt is going to send a delegation to talk to PATas it believes in democracy, freedom of speech and talks.

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