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Pomi Butt is arrested for the satisfaction of the opposition :Rana Mashud

Minister Law rana mashud is addressing a press conferenceLahore: Provincial Minister for Law, Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan has said that Pakistani people consider democracy the only solution to country’s problems. He said that the forces brought up under the umbrella of dictatorship launched long march and inqilab march to destabilize the country but people have expressed no confidence on this long march. He said that Pakistani nation has passed this test and the foreign agents hoodwinking the people are perturbed over the failure of long march.

Addressing a press conference in Lahore, Rana Mashud Ahmad Khan said that Lahore High Court has declared both long marches organized under an anti-state agenda as unconstitutional but despite this, these so-called leaders did not refrain from launching long marches.

He said that Imran Khan had announced to leave Lahore for Islamabad with ten million people at 10 am on Independence Day and had stated that his long march will decide the matters in Lahore. He said that people witnessed that due to non participation of the people in the desired numbers, the long march could not be launched for two and a half hours and in the afternoon when the Lahorities come on roads in large numbers to celebrate Independence Day, Imran Khan also came on Mall Road with his workers.

Rana Mashud said that the caravan of Imran Khan remained on Mall Road of Lahore the whole night so that when the people of Lahore come to see Azadi Interchange newly constructed by PML-N government, the long march should be near Minar-e-Pakistan. He said that after crossing the Ravi Bridge, the number of participants of this so-called long march was not more than five to seven thousand throughout the route.

Rana Mashud Ahmad Khan said that Muslim League workers did not react to the provocative speeches of PTI throughout the day on August 14 in Lahore whereas participants of long march have been damaging banners and hoardings of PML-N in Lahore. He said that when the hoardings at PML-N office were damaged in Gujranwala city, the PML-N workers reacted against it.

Law Minister said that PML-N leadership had issued orders that PML-N workers will not come on the way of this long march nor there will be any gathering. He said that PML-N workers displayed extreme restraint but those workers who exchanged stones with the participants of long march in Gujranwala had not come on any call. He said that PML-N Gujranwala leader Pomi Butt who belongs to a business family of good repute had been trying to control the situation but the leadership of long march adopted a strategy to malign Pomi Butt.Pomi Butt and friends in Sabzi Mandi hawaalaat

Rana Mashhood said that we have arrested ten persons involved in pelting stones and registered an FIR No. 790/2014 in Police Station Sabzi Mandi Gujranwala. He said that Pomi Butt has also been arrested for the satisfaction of the opposition so that he should also be involved in the process of police inquiry and getting bail from the court for meeting the demands of justice.

To a question, Rana Mashud Ahmad Khan remarked that Imran Khan who used to claim to face bullet with the workers, immediately shifted to a bullet proof vehicle by leaving his workers after pelting of few stones on his container. He advised Imran Khan that if he wanted to ensure his own safety and his workers, he should keep eye on Sheikh Rasheed.

Similarly, Maulana Tahir-ul-Qadri should save himself from the conspiracies of Pervaiz Elahi. He said that Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has already given a way out in connection with demands of Imran Khan although his demands are unconstitutional. He said that we are still honoring our announcement to give way to peaceful protest but they should also put their share for making Pakistan a great country instead of creating hindrances in the way of development and prosperity.

To a question about release of report by the Judicial Commission conducting investigation of Model Town tragic incident without fixing the responsibility, Law Minister said that the judicial commission could not complete its work as Maulana Tahir-ul-Qadri did not allow the concerned experts to collect the forensic evidences from crime scene and had removed the evidences on his own. He said that the joint investigation team will release its final report and the facts will become clear.

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