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PM-N workers and the marchers clashed in Gujranwala

An injured marcherLahore: As many as 12 workers of PML-N and the marchers become injured after a furious clash on GT Road,Gujranwala.PML-N workers thrown stones on the marchers and also beaten them with sticks. Police squad presented for the security of the marchers would not proved enough for maintaining law & order and workers from both sides fought freely but later the leadership of the PTI and the Police managed to control the situation. After the clash,CM Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif ordered for closing all the PML-N offices on the rout of Azadi March with the point of view that it was a primary duty of the govt to provide protection to the marchers who were using their democratic right by holding Azadi March. Shahbaz Sharif has also condemned the attack on Azadi March and said PML-N workers need pti workers in Gujranwalanot to worry and have patience on the violent attitude of the marchers.He said Azadi March has been died itself as masses have shown no interest in it.PTI leadership wasted the whole day in Lahore as poor presence of the party workers. They remained 10 hours in Lahore to gather maximum workers.CM also issued orders for the arrest of the accused who attacked on the marchers.Imran Khan alleged that CM punjab was  behind the stone throwing on the marchers.Until there were remain characters like Gulo Butt,democracy could not flourish in the country.He said I had been attacked by armed persons three times but I was not feared. AML chief said attackers also tried to kill PTI chief Imran Khan by straight firing on him.PML-Q president Ch Shujaat Hussain and former deputy prime minister Ch Pervaiz Elahi condemned thPTI workers in Gujranwalae attack on the PTI rally and accused that Sharif brother were behind this attack. MQM Quid Altaf Hussain expressed sorrow on the incident and said both side should react sensibly to avert the worsening situation.

PTI secretary general Jhangir Tareen alleged that he himself saw stone throwing from a police van on Azadi march in Gujranwala.

Jahangir Khan Tareen accused Pomi Butt, a brother of PML-N MPA from Gujranwala Imran Khalid Butt, of inciting Imran Khan’s supporters to violence which led to the clash between PTI and PML-N activists in Gujranwala.He said that Pomi Butt was leading the PML-N workers who were throwing stones.Pomi Butt should be arrested for attacking on the peaceful rally.

Addressing the press in Islamabad, he said that if Imran gets even as much as a scratch, we will blame Nawaz and Shahbaz and we will make the government pay heavily. He said we will stay peaceful even though our workers are currently pressuring us.“We are trying to control our workers…our families are also marching with us.”


Federal Minister Khurram Dastgir has said PTI workers torn the flexes and banners of Nawaz Sharif and stone throwing on the PML-N offices in Gujranwala that instigated PML-N workers.PTI workers entering Gujrat PTI workers throwing stones on PML-N workers

Meanwhile,Nawa-i-Waqt group’s MD Rameeza Nizami has tweeted that Khurram Dastgir just got banned from ARY, by decree of Mubashar Lucman. Oh, the deprivation.

PML-N leader and former law minister Punjab Rana Sanaullah said activists from both sides had chanted slogans against each other and enraged supporters had subsequently resorted to stone pelting but no weapons were used.Imran Khan addresses crowds after claims gunshots were fired at his vehicle Imran Khan addresses crowds after claims gunshots were fired at his vehicle1

After clash in Gujranwala ,Imran Khan talked to his party workers and said I am not feared even after being attacked and an attempt of gun down,Gulo Butt type can never stop us from demanding real Azadi,PM to ready his resignation as I am reaching there to get his resignation.Javaid Hashmi

Later,Imran Khan left the container and ride on the land cruiser jeep where as Javaid Hashmi gone to the top of the container and said I will see who dare to throw stones on the container.The Azadi March swiftly moved to Gujrat after clash in Gujranwala,where lunched was served to the marchers from Ch Brothers.

On the occasion the marchers chanted slogans”Ik bahadar aadmi,,Hashmi,Hashmi”.

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