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I have never been indulged in corruption: Rana mashud

Minister LawLahore: Provincial Minister for Law, Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan has said that Pakistani nation has given its verdict against those who violated the sanctity of Independence Day and participation of only a few thousand people in the PTI long march has exposed the hollowness of the claim of those who were planning to launch a million march. He said that the people of Lahore have shown their political maturity by rejecting the PTI call for long march.

Addressing a press conference here today, Rana Mashhood said that the whole nation is celebrating Independence Day but PTI is indulging in political point-scoring. He said that on the day of Independence, there is a need to renew the pledge to make Pakistan a strong and prosperous country. He said that Pakistan was created by politicians after a long struggle. He also made an appeal to PTI leaders to trust the masses as only they can hold corrupt elements accountable through their votes and they have shown this fact in the last elections. He said on Independence Day, a message should be given to the world that undemocratic forces will not be encouraged.

Rana Mashhood said the nation wants that elements like Pervez Elahi and Sheikh Rasheed who plundered billions of rupees of public money during dictatorship should be held accountable. He said that people are fully aware of the real motives of political dwarfs. He said it is strange that Imran Khan with the help of Tahir-ul-Qadri is giving protection to such black sheep. He said that Imran Khan waited for Tahir-ul-Qadri as he did not have enough workers to start his so-called long march. He said that PML-N government wants to resolve all problems and issues through conciliation and understanding and it should not be taken as its weakness. He said that PML-N leadership believes in democracy and negotiations as the only option is a democratic setup.

Replying to a question about controversial video clips on a private TV channel, Rana Mashhood said that he has never been indulged in corruption. He said that Asim Malik is notorious person and his conversation is based on 37 video clips. The Minister said that FIA had also termed the whole matter as baseless under enquiry no. 955 in 2012.

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