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FPCCI Capital Office becomes battlefield among warring VPs

FPCCIIslamabad: The FPCCI’s Capital Office has become a battleground among clashing vice presidents and other officials due to wrong policies of the central leadership.

The central leaders of FPCCI have developed a tendency to use different slots as a political tool and preferring artificial leadership over real representatives of the business community which in turn create serious issues, sources said.

The power struggle between Vice President (VP) has taken tool on the environment in the FPCCI’s Islamabad office where conspirators rule while nothing could be accomplished in the last seven months.

Few years back there was only one post of Chairman Coordination in that office, later a slot was created for a Vice President but this year Tariq Sayeed, leader of the Businessman Panel ruling the chamber since decades, appointed three VPs paving way for confusion, leg-pulling, altercation, show of power and display of weapons.

To oblige three people, all rules and regulations were violated and a number of illegal steps were taken, sources added.

The nomination papers of Munawar Mughal, a jeweller, were rejected but was made VP while Sheikh Imtiaz was made VP on fake papers of Jhelum Chamber because he is brother in law of Tariq Sayeed. Later Naima Ansari, nominee of Islamabad Women’s Chamber was also made VP.

Both the illegally elected VPs Mughal and Imtiaz knows little English leaving a bad impression on ambassadors, bureaucrats and foreign dignitaries.

There is only one office for VP in the capital Office therefore Mughal and Imtiaz usually try to get hold of the office of Coordinator Faisal Saleem Rehman.

Rehman was a leading member of Bilour Group but was lured to Tariq Sayeed Group by Senator Ghulam Ali but the subsequent developments and attitude of President FPCCI Zakria Usman has disappointed him putting Ghulam Ali in difficult position.

On the other hand, Mughal after bring elected illegally with the help of Tariq Sayeed has joined hands with SM Muneer and Iftikhar Malik to topple Sayeed.

Sources say that Director General of Trade Organisations is well aware of the fake VPs in the FPCCI and what is going on in the ICCI but he prefers to ignore it due to obvious reasons.

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