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Azadi march and the revolution out for sending PM back to home

Azadi March No U-TurnLahore: PTI’s Azadi March and PAT revolution rally out from Zaman Park and Faisal Town to send prime minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif back to home under the red alert security provided by Lahore Police. The rallies were also being monitored from the choppers to keep an eye on the terrorists who had announced to hit them.

PTI chief  Imran Khan wore bullet proof jacket on the other hand the revolutionaries were protecting their chief Dr Allama Dr Tahir ul Qadri with wooden sticks. Majority of the participants of Azadi March sitting in their cars and vehicles whereas the revolutionaries were walking on foot.

Both rallies supposed to reach at federal capital on 14th of August on Pakistan independence day and it looks like they could reached at their destination on15th of August,”the independence day of India”.Revolution March and Azadi March a comparitive view

Youth is more prominent in Azadi March whereas women and kids are in more numbers in the revolution rally. Both the rallies covered travelling area of minutes in hours.Imran Khan and Allama Dr Tahir ul Qadri were time to time encouraging their workers and the followers and it was good competition to see for the Lahorites as number game was being discussed on media,some had the opinion more people would be in Azadi March and some had the thought that revolutionaries would be more in number than the marchers.

When the marchers reached at Mall Road they were looking more in numbers than the revolutionaries but when the revolutionaries reached at Model Town more ,their caravan was more big than the marchers .Thousands of people were joining the Azadi march and the revolution but not enough to bring change .Photo CPE 01 {Aug14-14}

PTI’s Azadi March spent the whole day at Mall Road while dancing and chanting slogans for Azadi and the revolutionaries blocked the Canal Road to win the title of big rally and travelling minimum passage in maximum time. Canal Road at FC College bridge was also being occupied for whole day by the hundreds of workers of PML-Q to welcome the revolutionaries.

It was expected that both rallies would be together in the evening at Data Darbar for leaving Islamabad.Azadi march reach at Azadi choke

While addressing his party workers at Chairing Cross,Imran Khan said,Mr Prime Minister,listen I am coming to Islamabad to take your resignation,no constitution allows to become PM by rigging. He asked the police authorities to free their arrested workers otherwise they would have to face cases.He said Police could not detained Guloo Butt but innocent workers of the PTI  are being detained. He said I am going to Islamabad for making a new Pakistan,all those who go with him in Islamabad will be a part of history.

At around midnight,the revolutionaries crossed the Ravi bridge where as the marchers reached at Azadi chowk and were moving towards the Ravi bridge.national and party’s songs were being played in the Azadi March,on the other hand revolutionaries were reciting Quran,Naat and religious slogans.Passion and emotions was the only comman thing in both the marchs.


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