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No power hungry will be allowed to commit a dacoity on PML-N mandate

PML(N) RallyLahore: No power hungry will be allowed to commit a dacoity on PML-N mandate. Every worker of Muslim League-N will become a rock wall for the protection of constitution, law and democracy. Tahir ul Qadri needs a revolution for him as he changes statements after every two hours. To consider government of Nawaz Sharif as weak is misunderstanding of Imran Khan. The politicians indulging in the politics of chaos and anarchy in the country are misleading the masses and people have rejected anti-state and anti-development agenda of such elements.

These views were expressed by Muslim League leaders Malik Muhammad Pervaiz, Khawaja Ahmed Hasaan, Shaista Pervaiz Malik, Zaeem Qadri, Khawaja Imran Nazir, Khawaja Salman Rafiq, Majid Zahoor, Rana Tajammal Hussain, Ghazali Butt, Imran Ali Goraya, Rana Arshad, Waheed Gul, Tausif Shah, Bao Akhtar and others while addressing a rally taken out in front of Lahore Press Club in favour of the government under the aegis of Pakistan Muslim League Lahore. Thousands of PML-N workers participated in the rally. The participants raised slogans against Tahirul Qadri and described the long march of Imran Khan a conspiracy against the country, democracy and the people. PML-N leaders said that its leadership believes in democracy, security and protection of people, therefore, they have directed the workers to remain peaceful and continue to serve the masses despite provocation by all opponent politicians. He said that PML-N has got more votes and public support against any political party in elections, therefore, no one should underestimate its public support. They said that we want to protect constitution and democracy by sacrificing their lives.

The speakers said that Tahirul Qadri has no link to the problems of the people and politics of the country. They said that in case of earthquakes, floods and any other difficulty, Tahirul Qadri had been enjoying coffee in Canada. They said that Tahrul Qadri is an opportunist and coward person who does not hesitate to make women and children as shield at the time of need. They said that drama of revolution has flopped badly.

The speakers said that nation is passing through a critical phase of its history, Pak Army is rendering sacrifices for the success of its operation Zarb-e-Azb but some politicians are trying to demoralize Pak Army by creating hindrance through long march. They pledged that process of rallies will continue in favour of PML-N for foiling the designs of mischievous politicians. Imran Ali Goraya said that we will launch march of development under the leadership of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif which will wipe away these so called politicians.


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