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“Majeed Nizami and Pakistan Movement”

12-08-14-Azadi-TaqreebLahore: A special sitting entitled “Majid Nizami and Pakistan Movement” was held at the Aiwan-i-Karkunaan-i-Tehreek-i-Pakistan in connection with Independence Day celebrations jointly organised by the Nazaria-i-Pakistan Trust and Pakistan Movement Workers Trust with former President of Pakistan and Nazaria-i-Pakistan Trust Chairman Muhammad Rafiuqe Tarar in the chair. Those who spoke on the occasion included Nazaria-i-Pakistan Trust Vice Chairman Dr. Rafique Ahmad, Col(r) Jamshed Ahmad Tareen, Col(r) Ikram Ullah Khan, Nazaria-i-Pakistan Trust Chief Co-ordinator Mian Farooq Altaf and M.A. Shaida. Dr. Parveen Khan, Dr. Farzana Nazir, Dr. M.A. Sufi, Rana Muhammad Arshad, Khurshid Ahmad, Maulana Muhammad Shafi Josh, Asar Chauhan and Nazaria-i-Pakistan Trust Secretary Shahid Rashid attended the sitting along with a large number of people from different walks of life. Nazaria-i-Pakistan Trust Secretary Shahid Rashid conducted the proceedings of the event.12-08-2014_TAQREEBAT-E-AZADI

Nazaria-i-Pakistan Trust Chairman Muhammad Rafique Tarar observed in his presidential address that we must learn to value independence. Even a moment’s life of independence is far better than a never-ending life of slavery, he said. The Muslims lagged behind the Hindus in every sphere of life and were forced to lead a life of misery and humility. It was the Quaid-i-Azam and Allama Muhammad Iqbal who gained an independent and sovereign state for them. We must desist from doing anything that causes chaos and disruption in the smooth functioning of democracy. It is ideology that gives a nation its reason and justification for existence. He observed that he with the assistance of the unique Nazaria-i-Pakistan Trust team would try their level best to carry Dr. Majid Nizami’s mission forward.

Nazaria-i-Pakistan Trust Vice Chairman Dr. Rafique Ahmad remarked that it was the Muslims who taught the West deductive reasoning that opened the avenue to scientific inventions. Our vision that comes from the Holy Quran has tremendous potential and can make our youth reach out for stars. The ideology of Pakistan should therefore be inculcated in them in their susceptible years. Parents must take great care in cultivating the virtue of truthfulness in their offspring, he observed.

Pakistan Movement Workers Trust Chairman Col(r) Jamshed Ahmad Tareen observed that he had honour of spending hours and hours in the Quaid-i-Azam’s company. He said that the Nazaria-i-Pakistan Trust team is working hard to transform Pakistan into a modern Islamic, democratic and welfare state.

Chief Co-ordinator Mian Farooq Altaf exhorted the audience to ward off any doubts and apprehensions about the future of Pakistan. Disappointment is a sin, he remarked. The Quaid-i-Azam exhorted the students to respect knowledge, time and objectivity meaning thereby that they must seek more and more knowledge, never waste their time and pursue their goal relentlessly once they have set one before themselves.

Nazaria-i-Pakistan Trust Secretary Shahid Rashid thanked the “Bait-ul-Mal” for announcing financial assistance of Rs.50,000/- for the deserving 50 Pakistan Movement Workers each. Eight of them were handed over the cheques. The rest will receive their cheques soon.

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