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PAT workers to give sit-in and stage protest in all over the country:Dr Tahir ul Qadri

Dr QadriLahore: PAT chief Allama Dr Tahir ul Qadri asked its party workers not to come to Lahore for attending martyr’s day and give sit-in ,stage protest and hold martyr’s day in their city from Khyber to Karachi,he was talking to media here in Lahore outside his residence.

Dr Qadri claimed that 7 more party workers have been martyred by police in Punjab recently,as he finished his talk he was being informed death of another party worker and said death toll has reached to 22,killing of 8 people’s FIR would be registered against the rulers too.He held Shahbaz Sharif  responsible for all killings and said PML-N government is doing unprecedented brutalities upon the innocent citizens.

He said all the road leading towards Lahore have been blocked by putting containers and barriers by police force,people were not being allowed to move to the metropolis.He said “I guaranteed for peace but government provoked the people to do protest”,none of its party worker has attacked police nor snatched firearms from police,he added.

Dr Qadri appealed the institutions to intervene and said rulers have done height of cruelties upon PAT workers but later when he was being questioned to which institution he appealed,was it the army ? he replied that he never ask for help to army,does not see army intervene and will not ask the army to intervene rather he appealed the 18o millions of the people of Pakistan who are the biggest institution of the country.

In his second media talk in a day,Dr Tahir ul Qadri said police will not make mistake to arrest me as if I will be arrested the whole country would be set on fire.He said those people who issued orders for my arrest ,will be arrested.He said 30 injured women with police bullets were lying on the road in Bhera near motorways interchange,crying for medical treatment but police were not allowing to take them to hospital. He also condemned the arrests of PAT and its allied parties workers.He said we are peaceful people and not allowing our any worker for violence,”when I came to know that few cops were taken hostage,I immediate asked for their release and said to the workers”get out” .

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