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Dr Qadri claimes Hamza Shahbaz is escaping from Pakistan

07-08 Lahore: PAT chief Allama Dr Tahir ul Qadri has made a sensational claim that  Sharf family is planning to flee from the country due to the fear of the  Revolution.

While addressing a crowded press conference outside his residence ,Dr Qadri said Government lost the psychological battle as Saudi Arabia has refused to give shelter to the Sharif family and now they are trying to get asylum in America,where are the people now who making fun that I would soon leave for Canada,he added. PAT chief asked the people that they should not have any fear of the cruel rulers as they would soon escape from Pakistan.

He said that Sharif are not feeling safe anymore in Pakistan and  they are applying  for asylum one by one in the United States,so their names should be included in ECL.

On the occasion,Dr Qadri presented the visa application references of the  three house maids andAllama Dt Tahir ul Qadri a cook of Sharif family whom;s  early interview for visa was requested interior ministry.The visa applications of Maryam Nazeer,Nasreen Bibi,Fozia Ameer and Farasat Hussain were given by MNA Hamza Shahbaz on which Embassy gave  LHE -12017186 , LHE-12017188 ,  LHE-12017189, Application Number LHE-12017184 application number and set interview date of 18th of August.

He said US will not give asylum to the Sharif family and they would soon be sent to Pakistani jail for their crimes.He questioned if Hamza was not planning to escape then why he taking servants with him to US on a private tour.

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