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PTI long march cannot be stopped: Ijaz Ch

Ijaz Ch

Lahore: PTI Punjab President Ijaz Ahmed Ch said that in the last two days PML-N government has shown that their real face of the dictator Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has directly ordered all the police in 36 districts to hound PTI workers and remove the azadi registration camps.

He said that this was terrorism and dictatorship and PTI not only condemns it but will be even more determined to carry out this long march against these dictators. He said that the government now knows that it is impossible to stop this huge number of people from holding a march towards Islamabad and they will use force to stop it as that is the only training they had with their mentor Zia-ul-haq.

He said that Police in Lahore and other cities of Punjab has been arresting the poor people riding motorbikes on the roads so that people cannot take part in the bike rally. He also condemned the police raid on houses of PTI workers in Islamabad and Lahore and said that this is an evidence of dictatorship of Sharif Kingdom.

Ijaz Ch said that the police terrorism on workers in Gujrat and on the Hafizabad Azadi camps is a clear example of the govenrment’s full intention of trying to derail democracy by using state institutions for their own objectives. He said that the Gullu Buttness is present in all ranks of PML-N and it is a mindset where the kingdom of the Sharif family uses force on anybody who dares to speak the truth. He said that even if they do house arrest use force or use bullets PTI long march cannot be stopped and the PML-N government’s march back to Jeddah will start soon.

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