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Committee starts working in baby changing case

LGHLahore: The committee set up for investigation of alleged incident of changing of new-born baby in the labour-room of Lahore General Hospital held its meeting under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. Farrukh Zaman, the head of the committee last day.

The members of the committee examined all the birth cases conducted on August, 02 and recorded the statements of on duty doctors, nurses and paramedics. They also noted the stance of the complainant family.

MS LGH Dr. Pervez Imtiaz told the participants of the meeting that the reports of DNA tests of the baby, her mother HIna  Abid and father will unearth all the facts. The committee also ensured the affectees that merit would prevail in the process of inquiry.

Prof. Anjum Habib Vohra said in this regard that medical science has made such advancements that it is not difficult to find out facts in this particular incident of baby change. He said that all the staff who was serving on the day of incident has been transferred to other departments. He resolved to take stern action against the persons held responsible of this incident.

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