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We do not have back door channels for talks: Mian Mehmood Rasheed

Opposition LeaderLahore: The leader of the opposition in the Punjab assembly Mian Mahmood ul Rashid has said that back door contacts are just disinformation and whatever the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leadership takes including resignations, we will abide by all the decisions of Imran Khan.

He said that the workers should not listen to disinformation being spread by the ruling party  and should whole heartedly prepare for the Independence March.

He said that the prime minister, Punjab chief minister and other ministers are afraid of the PTI Independence March and are planning against it instead of foucing there announced independence plan. Talking to reporters after a meeting to review the preparations for the Independence March Mian Mahmood said that Imran Khan is a front foot player and does not believe in backdoor diplomacy.

He said that at present the whole of the civil bureaucracy is busy in helping the government in suggesting ways to block the peaceful planned Independence March of the PTI and our workers are ready to face the government and its cronies in a peaceful and political manner.

Mian Mahmood said that no backdoor talks are or were taking place and the time for talks has ended and now whatever will happen, will now happen in D-Square Islamabad. He said we gave the governmentMian Mahmood ul Rashid one year to resolve our issues relating to rigging in the elections but the government paid no heed to our demands.  He said it the government should not think that jails or police brutalities will hamper our thoughts and it should also forget that it can complete five years under these circumstances. He said the government used the justice-providing institutes in its favour and brushed aside our genuine demands. He said the whole of PTI and the nation are against this factious mandate that the rulers claim to have and are against this very ‘corrupt elections process.’ He said the people of Pakistan want rule be given to the people whole hold the actual mandate of the people which was stolen by this corrupt election process.

jMian Mahoodur Rashid said by the Grace of Almighty Allah over 10 lakh people will follow Imran Khan on the 14th of August to demolish and dismantle this corrupt election system and corrupt government. He said the meeting also decided that the Independence March will start after a visit and prayers at the grave of Dr. Allama Mohammad Iqbal, where prayers for actual democracy and Constitution and for our beloved country.

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