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Murree: Hotels management tortures the tourists,also teaches a lesson to Dunya and Express News team

Dunya newsLahore: Due to the increased influx of the tourist to Mall Road Murree, the hotel owners have started charging unduly even more than PC Bhurban. A room rent was being taken to 25 thousands Rs for 24 hour without hot water for bath.When a tourist argued with the management of Hotel Man-o-Salwa ,he was beaten black and blue at the hotel . When the news teams of Dunya News and Express News from Islamabad reached the site to cover the incident, the owners and the management targeted the news teams too and attacked DSNGs breaking its windows and damaged the cables.

The workers at the hotel got inside Dunya News’ DSNG and vandalize it, smashing its windows and breaking the cables. They also targeted the team members of both News channels including Reporter Shakeel, Cameraman Usman Ijaz and driver Mateen. Unconscious Matinn took blows to the head and was transferred immediately to the hospital.

Cameraman Saleem Khan of Express News channel was also beaten. Hotel management did not even spare women and misbehaved with them too.

Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif has taken notice of the incident and directed the administration to take legal action against the culprits who beaten up the tourists and media teams .Shahbaz Sharif sought a report from administration and police authorities. He directed that stern action be taken under the law against the persons responsible. Meanwhile, on the instructions of Chief Minister, the hotel has been sealed and eight persons involved in the incident have been arrested. After the CM directive,police lodged a FIR against the hotel management and its staff and has arrested 8 employees of the hotel though the owner Nadeem managed to escaped from the scene with the alleged help of the raiding police party.

The owner and management of hotel attacked the news team with knives and sticks whereas a few of the employees exhibited weapons in order to harass the media. Furthermore, they threatened News team to pop off from Mall Road.

At the occasion no local journalist was seen to  come to help the “aliens news staff came from Islamabad”as most of them also members of the Murree Hotels Association.

Dramatically there wasn’t a single police officer present at the Mall Road, who could rectify the situation.

RPO Rawalpindi Akhtar Hayat Lalika also took notice of the incident and ordered to take the culprits into custody. The local administration has sealed the hotel.


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