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PTI condemns the passing of the PPO

PTi_Punjab_president_Ijaz Ch_is _holding_press_conferenceLahore: PTI President Punjab Ejaz Ahmed condemns the passing of the PPO by the senate and by the assembly and said that the is still does not fulfill the human rights and constitutional rights require and was an unfair bill which would allow abuse e of state owner he said that the fact that the grade 15 officers will have the authority to kill is a very dangerous move that will encourage officers to misuse there power in light of what happen in Model Town Lahore where the police shot innocent people point blank make this even more dangerous. He demanded that all the parties should keep on raising voice so that a misuse of this bill is not made.

PTI General Secretary Punjab Dr. Yasmin Rashid said that this bill was not a mandate according to the recommendations given by the opposition and that PTI boycotted the voting and did not take part in its approval procedure. She said that since PTI representation in the senate was nil it was easy for the ruling to push its way through over a bill which is worse than the DPR bill announced in Ayyub Khan time which encourages the states to use undue force on people they want to without due justification.

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