Thursday , July 19 2018
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Punjab Police dismissed media reports about model town incident

Mushtaq Ahmad SukheraLahore: Punjab Police spokesperson has dismissed media reports published in various newspapers about the police officers who were involved in model town incident, are baseless and malicious.

According to facts two different investigation teams constituted by the government are independently operating. The joint investigation team (JIT) which is headed by Addl: IGP Special Branch, Punjab, Dr. Arif Mushtaq including senior police officers and members of federal sensitive agencies are responsible to interrogate only the model town incident. Whereas, the second departmental enquiry team headed by Addl; IGP Punjab, Sermad Saeed Khan will determine the misconduct on the part of police department and officers. It is pointed out here that according to rules if some officer has been appointed as the head of JIT he can’t be the head of the departmental enquiry committee.

Both the investigation teams are performing their duties independently, transparently and trying to determine the facts impartially into the model town incident. Hence, it is appropriate if guess work or speculations are avoided until the final reports by both the investigation teams turn up.

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