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Lahore flying club seeks court help for saving Walton Aerodrome

Lahore flying club Lahore flying club has filed a writ petition in the Supreme Court through their Lawyer Irfan Qadir, the former attorney general of Pakistan, against Punjab Government and LDA.

The spokesman of LFC Capt. Khalid has said that Punjab Government has made a project through which they are planning to acquire the whole land of Walton Aerodrome Lahore to construct a commercial zone on it. He said that if this project is implemented Walton Aerodrome will be closed down and the flying clubs including LFC who are providing flying training to students will also be closed.

Capt. Khalid said that Walton Aerodrome
is a 93 years old flying training institution and playing it’s unique role for the promotion of civil aviation in the country but the Punjab government wants to close it just to earn money from its land which has become more precious now. He said that it has never happened in the world that an old educational institution is demolished for the money making purpose. This decision will destroy the whole setup of civil aviation in Pakistan and will cause decline to it. It will hamper the business of flying clubs and bring huge financial losses to them.

On the other hand it will discourage the students to come to the aviation sector. He said that LFC is the oldest flying club of northern India as it was established in 1930 on this airport since then it has trained thousands of pilots. They have served the nation as well as became source of foreign exchange earning from abroad by serving a good number of foreign air lines. He said that LFC has got this honor that Prince Hasan Bin Tallal , former king of Jordan, completed his flying training as pilot from this club.

LFC and other flying clubs here produce 60% pilots in Pakistan. Walton is hub of flying training and it offers outstanding facilities to the pilots which no other airport offers in Pakistan, therefore it is known as flying training university for the students. He added that apart from training activities it is also being used for V.I.P flights of CM Punjab, PM and the other dignitaries of the country.

Charter flights are also operated from here. Air craft manufacturing industry is established here.Referring to Walton’s historical aspect, Capt. Khalid explained that it is a part of Pakistan Movement and a great heritage of the nation as it has this honor that founder of Pakistan M.A. Jinnah had been using it. He came over here many times.

Further the biggest refugee camp was established here in September 1947 to receive refugees migrating from India. This air port was converted into camp for this purpose and it served them for many years. He said that we have requested the supreme court of Pakistan to save Walton Aerodrome as it is our national heritage and still serving the country in many respects.

It’s existence is necessary for the promotion of civil aviation in Pakistan and also to keep the history of Pakistan movement


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