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World journalists discuss role of media

world-JournalistsSeoul: Journalists from the Arab world joined the international media gathering of 105 senior reporters from 50 countries at the World Journalists Conference (WJC 2014) in Seoul, South Korea, to discuss and explore the roles of traditional and new media in the rapidly changing global environment.
The meeting discussed the role of media with “Peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula and global journalism” topping the agenda.
The participants endorsed the “Peace Declaration” during the inaugural session, which sought concerted measures for reconciliation and mutual trust on the Korean Peninsula aimed at denuclearization of North Korea and peaceful settlement of all issues.
The participants at the conference supported the call for a nuke-free world and underlined the importance of a denuclearized North Korea in view of growing tension on the border. This, they believed, was is in the best interest of the Korean people.
On the second day of the five-day conference the participants visited the demilitarized zone (DMZ) and the truce village called the “Freedom village” on the South-North border, considered to be the world’s most militarized border that has divided the Korean Peninsula for the last 60 years since the 1950-53 Korean War. The visit was arranged by the South Korean military establishment.
Commenting on the journalists’ visit, Park Chong-ryul, president of the Journalist Association of Korea (JAK), said the visit would enable the journalists to know Korea’s current state and why reunification is a must for the Korean people.
Earlier, at the opening session at the Korea Press Foundation on Monday, tribute was paid to the victims of the Seoul ferry tragedy followed by a resolution adopted by the participants supporting denuclearization of North Korea.
Journalists during the sessions discussed various dimensions of global journalism and the role of traditional and new media in the rapidly changing environment.
Correspondents from the leading Middle East English dailies including Arab News (Saudi Arabia), Gulf Times (Qatar), Al- Khaleej (UAE) and the Libyan news agency participated in the conference.

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