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8 Terrorist’s hideouts destroyed around Mirali: ISPR

ISPRLahore: 8 Terrorist’s hideouts around Mirali, North Waziristan Agency were destroyed by jet aircrafts early morning today. 15 terrorists were killed in the strikes. Tunnels were spotted in the targeted areas.

While the operation ZARB -E AZB progresses as per plan, terrorists inside cordoned area are making desperate attempts to flee from the area .Several attempts by terrorists to flee from cordoned off area have been foiled. Today 10 x terrorists were killed while fleeing from the cordoned off area in Spinwam and Mirali. 2  soldiers embraced shahadat in exchange of fire.

Meanwhile, aerial surveillance, vigorous patrolling and cordon around the area housing terrorists area continue.

Curfew was relaxed from 6 AM to 4 PM today in North Waziristan Agency, to facilitate evacuation of left over locals. 41,4429 IDPs have been registered so far at Saidgai check post. It is believed that remaining people will leave the area today.

For better management of IDPs at Bannu, Army Engineers Division has been tasked to assist the civil administration at Bannu and DI Khan. Troops of the Engineers Division have already reached Bannu.
4  relief goods delivery points have been established by Engineers Division at Bannu, where food items, medical care and cash amount as announced by Federal Government will be distributed by the concerned civil agency among IDPs of NWA.

A field medical hospital by Army medical corps is being established at Bannu to provide medical relief.

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