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Sale of chicken and eggs would be ensured on cheaper rate: Arshad Jatt

Lahore: Special Assistant for Livestock Ch. Muhammad Arshad Jatt presided over a departmental meeting in which he issued instructions for the sale of chicken and eggs at cheaper rate.

Talking to media, Ch. Arshad Jatt said that the rate of broiler in market has increased due to non-implementation of poultry act due to which people have to buy expensive and substandard chicken meat. He said that preventive measures against different diseases of chicken are being taken by Livestock Department with the cooperation of poultry association and chicken meat and eggs will be sold at cheaper rate during Ramazan. He said that Chairman Pakistan Poultry Association will cooperate with Punjab government in this regard. Ch. Arshad Jatt directed District Livestock Officers and Veterinary Officers working in field throughout Punjab to ensure provision of chicken meat and eggs at affordable rate. He said that the foremost priority of the Punjab government is to provide poultry items to the citizens at cheaper rate.

Special Assistant directed all District Livestock Officers to ensure timely provision of quality mutton, beef, chicken and eggs at affordable rate in Ramazan bazaars and no negligence would be tolerated in this regard.

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