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JI condemns the brutal police action at the Minhajul Quran headquarters

Hafiz Muhammad IdreesLahore: While condemning the brutal police action at the Minhajul Quran headquarters, Jamaat e Islami deputy chief, Hafiz Muhammad Idrees, has said that the Mian Brothers had not learn anything from their past experiences.
In his address at the large Friday congregation at Mansoora mosque, he said that the Sharif brothers must make amends for their past lapses and abandon the path of tyranny and oppression lest they fell pray to divine accountability once again.
Hafiz Muhammad Idrees pointed out that in 1999, on the arrival of the then Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpaee in the Punjab capital, the JI workers were brutally tortured and more than 15000 of them were put behind the bars. However, within a few months of that, the Nawaz Sharif government was dismissed and Nawaz Sharif himself was sent to jail. He said that the blood of innocent people could not go waste.
The JI deputy chief said that the Sharif brothers had always treated the enemy as a friend and vice versa. The life of the tribal people in Waziristan, who had always been loyal to the country, had been made miserable due to military operation. He said that aerial bombings could not hit any specific target and only innocent civilians were falling the victim. Lakhs of the people had been forced to leave their homes in the extreme oppressive heat and there was no shelter for them.
Hafiz Muhammad Idrees said that the loss suffered by the country’s armed forces in the US war on terrorism was much higher than the losses in three wars with India. He said that on one hand, a situation of civic war was being created in the country to make the enemy conspiracies a success. On the other hand, the cowardly rulers had staked the country’s honour through their overtures of love for India, Pakistan’s enemy no one.
He said that the US had started a war against Islam and the Muslims and was hatching a conspiracy to split Syria and Iraq for carving out a new state. Likewise, he said, Pakistan was being pushed into civil war to make it a soft fodder for India.
The JI deputy chief blamed the rulers for all the problems facing the country at present. He said that Almighty Allah had blessed Pakistan with countless resources and its masses were hardworking and talented. However, the corrupt rulers had earned disgrace for the country because of their corruption and painted it as a beggar state in the eyes of the world community.

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