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Javaid Malik holds special briefing in Dubai for investors

javaid malik with nawaz sharif in dubaiDubai: In an effort to maintain the confidence of international businessmen and investors doing business with Pakistan or those that were considering to invest in Pakistan, Ambassador Javed Malik, Prime Minister’s Special Envoy has been holding meetings and briefing sessions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to keep them updated on the prevailing situation in the aftermath of the Karachi incident, and the start of Operation in North Waziristan. 

 Speaking about his efforts, Javed Malik said that, “news in some parts of international media can sometimes be exaggerated negatively, and what we are trying to do is counter this negative propaganda and give the correct version of facts to the business community who we are working with”.  

Javed Malik organized various conferences and seminars in UAE, London and also in Islamabad in which international businessmen and investors took part, and he also led three business delegations to Pakistan comprising of businessmen from 6 different countries who came to Pakistan with a view to exploring business, trade and investment opportunities.

In response to a question whether the recent law and order situation, Karachi and Lahore incidents and the ongoing operation, poses challenges to his efforts, Javed Malik said “well, we cannot deny that there are challenges, and in order to address these challenges, one must be honest and admit them, before attempting to find a solution.  

However, I feel that one must remain engaged with the businessmen, traders and investors with whom we have been working to keep them informed and give them accurate information, and that is what I have been doing. I do so, because I feel this is the only way we can counter the negative onslaught of some section of media which deters foreign investment. Whatever the situation, our work will continue we just have to adapt our efforts in line with the prevailing situation, he clarified.   

Speaking about the response of the international business community he said “Well, while there are obvious concerns on the situation, however, the good thing is that most of the people I have spoken with are confident about Pakistan’s future, and understand that the problems being faced now are transitory and that in the long term Pakistan would emerge out of the crisis as a strong, vibrant nation a wealth of opportunities.

A Businessman with foresight can identify those opportunities and that is a very positive sign for Pakistan which gives us the confidence to continue our efforts with more vigor and energy. 

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