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PML-N government victimizing farmers

Ijaz ch is addressing a press conferenceLahore: PTI Punjab President Ijaz Ahmed Ch, Punjab Youth President Zubair Khan Niazi and Sardar Kamil Umar holding a press conference said that the present government incompetence and victimization has broken all records.

Ijaz Ch said that after the disastrous pro-rich budget and the terrible performance in the agriculture over a year the poor farmer class has been forced to come out on streets the PML-N government as usual instead of PTI workers sugesting Shahbaz Sharif new namelistening to their problems which centered around there protest against inputs from India and lack of export prices of all inputs had badly affected their lively hood and forced them to come out on the streets against the government.

He said that this government was total revenge for the poor people who were exercising their basic rights of protesting against anti poor policies of the government. He said that a record number of FIR’s were filed against them which amounted to almost 6059. He said that never in the history has such a small protest resulted in such a big fir and said that this was a PTI Mian Mehmood Ur Rasheed at Protest Campvictimization strategy of the government with the indent care anybody who protest against them.

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