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Punjab budget is purely anti poor budget: PTI

Mian Mehmood ,MPA Murad RasLahore: Opposition leader in Punjab Assembly and PTI Punjab President Ijaz Ahmed Ch commenting on the Punjab budget said that this budget announced is purely anti poor budget giving no relief to the people of Punjab. He said that Law and order budget was double than the education and health budget in Punjab. Just because that Police are their personal servants more the budget will be more they would be enjoying the protocol given by the Punjab police.

He also said that the police which is on the top of the budget is eventually known for its extra judicial killing, encounter and this force involved heavily in bribe taking incidents in Punjab. And among the total police almost the 60% of the force is busy in giving protocol Sharif Family and other PML-N ministers. He said that the health and education budget should be more than the law and order budget because of population of Punjab is more than that of UK and France.

PTI General Secretary Punjab Dr. Yasmin Rashid severely condemned the health budget and said that health is not priority of Punjab Government. Moreover commenting on education she said that that Government has announced new laptop schemes which are more political election campaign for PML-N.

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