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PML-Q issues Fact Sheet about Govt’s one year performance

Ch.Zaheer-ud-DinLahore: Pakistan Muslim League (PML) Punjab General Secretary Ch Zaheeruddin Khan and Information Secretary Seemal Kamran have described the one year performance of the govt as very disappointing and said that during the period of the ruling party dearness, unemployment, load shedding of gas and electricity, lawlessness, terrorism, launching flop projects, signing of hollow “MOUs” and making false promises had broken all previous records in particular prices of eatable items were increased in the ratio of 100 per cent to 150 per cent.

The Fact Sheet about one year performance of the Punjab Government was issued by the PML Punjab at a press conference at the Muslim League House here today.

The PML leaders said that discriminatory treatment was meted out to the people of Punjab and industrial sector regarding provision of electricity and gas, the Punjab Govt which had officially sponsored protest demonstrations in the past was now acting as a silent spectator, not a single megawatt of power was generated practically during the last six years except talking loudly and making false promises. They said every party when comes in power brings such initiatives/ projects which are its flagship projects, PML govt under the leadership of Ch Parvez Elahi not only launched projects for the welfare and development of the people of Punjab but also ensured their completion, but the present govt has the credit that during last years’ projects started by it were also wounded up by it, Yellow Cab, Sasti Roti, Mechanical Tandoors, Green Tractors Schemes and Daanish Schools like flop projects met their fate and those who had launched these projects with a pride kept feeling ashamed while mentioning the same. They said further that if sasti roti was pro-poor scheme for which legislation was done and Sasti Roti Authority also established because this was the vision of the so-called Khadam-e-A’ala and he had promised to provide sasti roti to the people of Punjab and had went on to the extent in saying that his name should be changed if he could not provide Sasti Roti in two rupees but today the legislation was there, Sasti Roti Authority was there and the Khadam-e-A’ala was also there, his name was also Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif but if there was nothing it was cheap bread (sasti roti) of two rupees.

2. Those had been telling stories of Daanish School to the people during the last five years today had even forgotten to mention Daanish School. We want to ask them whether after these 10 Daanish Schools, education has become popular in the Punjab? He used to say that such reforms would be introduced in the field of education that dream of the Quaid-i-Azam and Allama Iqbal would be realized but as a matter of fact it was contrary to that. Here situation was that 42 colleges were fully complete for the last six years but staff had not been posted there till today in these colleges. The only reason for this was that these were the projects of tenure of Ch Parvez Elahi, Due to inefficiency of the govt., 67 lakhs children could not go to schools last year.

3. Good governments take such initiatives through which the people get prosperous and they get relief but the Punjab Govt always acted contrary to that. Wheat was procured from the farmers at cheap rates and sold at higher rates and profit was Rs 25 billion was earned. This govt was anti-farmers govt. which kept buying wheat at cheap rates and selling it at higher rates. Instead of increasing support price of wheat, cost of atta (flour) was raised so that the capitalist and not the poor farmer benefitted. Likewise, instead of increasing support price of sugarcane, price of sugar was increased so that mill owner and not the farmer could benefit.

4. That province which was surplus with Rs 100 billion on the last day of tenure of Ch Parvez Elahi was now under heavy debt of about Rs 600 billion. Those claiming to break the begging bowl have not only enlarged the size of the bowl but through so-called Youth Loan Scheme have handed over bowl of loans with interest despite the fact that they were now getting Rs 100 billion additionally every year under the NFC Award. People were fully justified in asking that where those Rs 100 billion have gone? People want to ask whether social sector allocations have also been increased proportionately if not then where Rs 100 billion go annually?

5. 1122 was the peoples’ welfare plan of the tenure of Ch Parvez Elahi This was one of the best projects of the peoples’ welfare projects of the tenure of Ch Parvez Elahi which was appreciated and praised by every segment without any discrimination including himself. But the present rulers could not expand it. If the rulers had concern for the people in their hearts then today 1122 would have been launched in every town of the province.

6. On the other hand, this was the only govt which was distributing death instead of giving life to the patients in the hospitals. For the first time in the history of Punjab, fake medicines were used in the govt hospitals under official patronage and more than 150 patients died, where 600 children died of measles and more than 55 thousand people were effected by dengue, in the polio free Punjab of the time of Ch Parvez Elahi, polio had again raised its head, for the first time due to increasing polio incidence the country has become victim of sanctions due to which every person going abroad has to take polio drops essentially, gastro disease has so much increased in Punjab that every day more than 500 persons were being diagnosed with gastro disease, Hospitals have deteriorated, doctors was not available in the far flung areas, where doctors were available there were no medicines, no ventilators. In a city like Lahore where thousands of patients come daily from far flung areas and were facing great problems due to non-availability of ventilators in the govt hospitals and people even die in some cases. But our rulers were only determined to launch jangla bus, for them journey from Gajju Matta to Shahdara was more important than education, health, law and order, unemployment and every other problem. Today in case of any emergency 1122 of Ch Parvez Elahi was present, patient reach the hospital on time but due to lack of proper treatment and non-availability of free medicines loses his life.

7. This govt was vision –less and direction-less govt. The biggest instance in this respect was that if metro train was to be run after six years according to the plan of Ch Parvez Elahi then why jangla bus drama was enacted. Metro bus was started in Lahore about Rs 75 billion were incurred. Now metro train was also to be run in Lahore at an estimated cost of about Rs 120 billion. Likewise, metro bus was also being launched in Rawalpindi and train would also be started there. Just imagine that the same foreign funded metro train project which was to be completed in Rs 28 billion would now be completed at a cost of more than Rs 120 billion. These inefficient rulers were dumping Rs 250 billion of the poor people of Punjab in such dramas whereas only in Lahore, 85 per cent population was not getting neat, clean water for drinking.

8. N-League Govt has destroyed institutions because of its inefficiency and incompetency. These commission mafia rulers have also given sanitation system also on contract only for sake of commission and thousands of WASA employees have been rendered jobless.

9. These capital rulers have made the life of salaried people miserable. Every segment of the society was on the roads protesting for their rights whereas nothing like this had happened ever during the tenure of Ch Parvez Elahi. Doctors used to be in hospitals, teachers in the schools and clerks in the offices and not on the roads. Likewise, workers were in the mills and not on the roads. These in-compete rulers had persisted with victimization and vengeance by keeping shut of the projects of tenure of Ch Parvez Elahi and thus caused irreparable loss to the public exchequer. These shut projects included Wazirabad Cardiology Hospital, Seerat Academy, Murree Bulk Water Supply Scheme, new building of the Punjab Assembly besides hundreds of hospitals and colleges projects all over the province.

10. Govt has miserably failed in protecting life and property of the people and improving law and order. About 3. 50 lakhs heinous crimes occurred in the province, 5000 murders, 12862 cases of abduction/ kidnapping and abduction for ransom, due to inefficiency of the govt kidnapping for ransom and forcible extraction culture was promoted, 31000 dacoities, 220 people were killed during bloodiest dacoities, with 2500 cases of molestation and gang rape of women Punjab remained number one province also for sixth year in terms of crime against women. Incidents of 31000 dacoities were reported whereas actual figures were more than double of these figures. Every day in Lahore city only more than 150 dacoities were committed, dacoits were looting in Police uniforms and protectors of the law have been confined to police stations only.

11. Rulers themselves were responsible for deteriorated law and order situation. When 2500 police officials would perform duty round the clock at the house of Khadam-e-A’ala then who will protect the common man. On the other hand, incidence of molestation with a “Hawa Ki Beti” was surfacing in which Lahore of the Khadam-e-A’ala was on top. Punjab has taken the lead even in the crimes due to incompetency of the rulers.

12. Present rulers have introduced new culture in the world of crime and that culture was of forcible extraction and “parchi” and in this respect also Lahore city of the Khadam-e-A’ala has gone far ahead. Where the rulers themselves back terrorists and criminals what other result would emerge from there?

13. Earlier Mian Sahib was organizing sponsored protest, also used to sit in the tent but today when his own Bhaijan was the Prime Minister then the situation was that electricity cost has been increased by 78 per cent as a result of which one unit of Rs 5 was now costing Rs 18 per unit but today Mian Sahib was just silent.

14None of the promises which Nawaz League had made with the people during the election campaign, no headway has been made for implementation of these what to talk about fulfilling of these in particular reduction in the load shedding of electricity and gas was increased due to their policies, the govt announces energy sector projects pretty loudly but practically nothing was being done, despite circular debt of Rs 480 billion the electricity jin could not be out back in the bottle, load shedding has increased to such an extent that about 500 industrial units have been closed and the owners have shifted their capital abroad as a result of which unemployment has been increased historically and people have started selling their own children.

15. For the first in the history, CNG stations in Punjab were closed 100 per cent for long duration.

16. A new record was established through construction of 37000 kilometers of roads during the tenure of Ch Parvez Elahi, present rulers have destroyed all that infrastructure completely, due to no funds for renovation and repairs of thousands kilometers of Farm to Market Roads, these had been turned into ruins and resources of 36 districts of the province have been confined to Lahore, Punjab was not just Lahore, Cholistan, Dera Ghazi Khan and Rajanpur were districts also located in it and these backward districts had not provided funds equal to PHA even, will this not increase sense of deprivation of the people of these backward areas ?

17. This govt talking loudly about good governance was the rare model of bad practice. This govt specializes in deviation from the budget rules and murder of financial discipline. Grave irregularities like block allocations and misappropriations had been the hallmark of this govt. Undoubtedly final irregularities were part of history but on the other hand they were getting additionally Rs 100 billion every year under the NFC Award. People have the right to ask whether allocations for social sectors had also been increased proportionately, if not then where those Rs 100 billion had been going every year?

18. Provincial Finance Commission (PFC) has practically ceased to exist as not a single meeting of this institution has been convened till today. During last six years, distribution of the resources of the Punjab has never been done according to the requirements, needs and problems.

19. As for foreign investment was concerned, then it appears that the govt of the capitalists in order to protect the interests of the capitalists had opened new way of turning black money white by exempting foreign investment from tax. They had raised the slogan of breaking bowl to secure votes had got foreign loans of ten billion dollars during one year as a result of which coming generations had been put under heavy debt.

20. Dacoities and hunger have become fate of the people, women were being humiliated and molested publicly and what was left was being done by load shedding. If the govt did not take immediate measures for giving relief to the people then the people would be forced to come out on the roads for getting their right.

21. They go to Turkey at times and to China some other time by staging drama of bringing foreign investment every other day but nothing more had happened so far than signing of MOU. You know that he had stayed in Europe for one week and also held conference there but people had told him that his group and family were the biggest financial investors of Asia which had investments also in Europe, you make investment in Europe and tell others to invest in Pakistan because one has to become a model himself in this regard.

22. These rulers had meted out step motherly treatment with the farmers, prices of sugar and atta were increased but support price of sugarcane and wheat not increased.

23. Not a single energy sector project could be completed, more than 40 per cent govt schools remained without teachers and basic facilities, Punjab Govt failed to do legislation for free and compulsory education whereas the promise of turning 8 Club Road

Into I. T. University has not been fulfilled even in the sixth year.

24. Those announcing to sell bullet proof vehicles were still using these cars. Punjab Govt campaign against electricity theft was stopped due to influential govt people being involved.

25. Prior to the election the nation was misled by the impression that the N-League leadership was experienced and learnt from the circumstances but even in just first six months by repeating bad governance of the part the country was pushed back into 90’s decade and those claiming to make the country Economic Tiger of Asia made it the most under debt country of Asia.

On this occasion, Young Wing Punjab President Ch Zulfiqar Pappan, Traders Wing President Shaikh Umer Hayat, Lawyers Wing President Alamgir advocate and Labour Wing President Sajjad Baloch and Women Wing General Secretary Majida Zaidi were also present.

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