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JI calls for policy review after Karachi attacks

Siraj ul Haq 1Lahore: Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Sirajul Haq, has said that the attacks at the sensitive places in the country were a matter of deep concern regarding security and called for a review of the internal and foreign policies bringing them in harmony with the national interests and the sentiments of the nation.

In a statement from Mansoora, he urged the high ups in the federal government, the provincial governments, all political parties besides the security institutions to sit together and work out an agreed formula for the country’s security, solidarity and for peace. He also underlined the need for making a foolproof security for the important, sensitive places all over the country to make them inaccessible for the enemy.

He said that no agenda for development or progress could be successful without peace. He warned that if the people in authority continued to follow the past policies blindly, the country would not be able to free herself from the menace of terrorism and turmoil for the next two decades.

The JI chief said that peace could be restored in the country only if the rulers in Islamabad picked up courage and took every step that was in the country’s interest. He said the government should return to the path of dialogue by utilizing all its energies in order to wipe out terrorism and lawlessness.

Siraj ul Haq expressed deep grief over the death of security personnel in the Karachi airport terrorist attack and offered full sympathies with their families. He said it was time to forget political expediencies, abandon leg pulling and think of the vital national interests as the 180 million people of Pakistan badly needed peace.

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