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IG Zulfiqar Cheema urges students to serve country

Lahore: A country is just like and mother whose sons andPU daughter look after her day and night in case it becomes sick and do not run away from their obligations. We will have to work day and night in order to solve the problems faced by our country and resultantly, we will make our homeland Pakistan a bright and respectable country.

It is not worth the sons of a great personality like Quide e Azam to be inspired by foreign civilization or culture or imitate it said Inspector General National Highways & Motorway Police Zulfiqar Ahmad Cheema during his address to teachers and students in Punjab University Law College, Lahore.

The event was attended by Vice Chancellor Punjab University Dr. Mujahid Kamran, CCPO Lahore Ch. Shafiq Ahmad, DIG Tariq Malik, Dean of Social Sciences Dr. Zikriya Zakir, Principal Law College Dr. Shazia Noreen and SSP Athar Waheed and large number of students and teachers.

Inspector General Zulfiqar Ahmad Cheema said that we got a separate country for the protection of our culture and values. We will adhere to our values in this country. The New generation has been pushed to inferiority complex under a conspiracy and youth will have to come out of this darkness and depression.

IG Zulfiqar Ahmad Cheema advised the students to believe in themselves as the future of their country is brighter than their expectations. The founder of Pakistan Quide e Azam said that the youth is the protector of Pakistan and they should equip themselves with higher education for the purpose.

IG further advised that they the students should specialize themselves in the field of science and research. Allah has bestowed us with countless blessings and we will make the country of Quide a prosperous and strong one.

IG Zulfiqar Ahmad said that it is imperative upon the students that they should respect their parents and law of the country. They shouPUld love their country and abhor corruption and illegal gratifications. Talking about road safety IG said that seat belt should be fastened while driving, mobile phone should not be used and speed limit should be observed.

Addressing the ceremony, Dr Mujahid Kamran said that there were about 1.5 billion Muslims in the world but their share in creation of new knowledge was almost zero. He said that around 750 verses of Holy Quran, which is 1/8th of the Holy Book, stressed observation of natural phenomena and resolution of mysteries of the universe and this reflected th e importance of knowledge in the Quran.

 He said that the average spending of the world on education was around 5 percent while Pakistan was spending less than 2 percent. He said that the total GDP of US was 16 trillion dollars and the US was spending around 800 billion dollars on education and around 320 billion dollars on research and development while volume of Pakistan’s GDP was only around 220 billion dollars. He said that knowledge was a must for respectable survival of the world. He said that IG Zulfiqar Ahmad was very honest and patriot person whose every inch of body loves his country.

He further added that patriotic personality like IG Zulfiqar Cheema was the need of time. He congratulated  PU and his team to organize fruitful event. Dean of Social Sciences Dr Zikria and Dr Hafeez also addressed the audience.

IG also asked questions to the students about road safety and distributed prized for right answers. Student enchanted slogans of ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ and remarked that IG address has removed many misconceptions from their minds and their hearts are filled with love for country.

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