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Police claim to smash 68 gangs during May

SSP Operations Rana Abdul Jabbar Lahore police showed excellent results during the Month of   May 2014, by arresting 161 accused of 60 gangs here in, Lahore and 291 cases have also been traced against them while more than  8.8 millions recovered from the gangs members, 1643 POs & CAs also arrested in the same period.

According to details, DIG Operations Rana Abdul Jabbar directed Lahore police, to utilize their full energies to curb the crime in the city and to arrest the criminals involved in different unlawful activities.

On his directions, all divisional SPs increased their efforts against criminals and showed excellent results during the month of May 2014 by arresting 161 criminals of 60 gangs who were involved in different heinous crimes, 738 POs, 905 CAs included A&B categories were also arrested.

During the  month of May 342 cases registered against 347 accused on having illicit weapon and police also recovered 12-Kalashankoves, 9-rifles, 102-guns, 481-revolvers & pistol’s, 1 daggers and 11910 bullets from their possession. During the action against drug dealers, 599 cases were registered and 607 culprits were arrested and 32kg384grm heroine, 118kg 892grm Chars, 295grmOpium and 5996 bottles of liquor recovered from them. Moreover, 115 cases were registered against gamblers and 542 accused arrested and also recovered betting amount more than 4-lacs.

In the same period during the special crackdown 1133 cases were registered against 1195 culprits on the violation of law.

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