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London Police take Altaf Hussain into custody

altaf hussainLondon: Metropolitan police have taken MQM Quaid Altaf Hussain into custody in money laundering case. Altaf Hussain was taken to police headquarter from his residence by the police team.

Around 70 policemen of Metropolitan police and Scotland Yard participated in the operation along with armed personnel early in the morning at 5 AM.

Police searched into the residence of the Quaid-e-Tehrek Altaf Hussain.His audio and video statement has also been recorded in the police station. Altaf Hussain was being investigated by the Metropolitan police in money laundering case since long and finally he has been taken into custody.

MQM has denied  Altaf Hussain ‘s arrest and said he was being questioned and it could not be called arrest.The spokesman said until police announce his arrest,nobody have the right to say that Altaf Hussain has arrested.

Meanwhile,Pakistani authorities have avoid commenting on arrest of Altaf Hussain.

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