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How to Keep Your Job During Recession?

Job During RecessionLahore (Khurram Shahzad): Although, recession had hit the job market several years ago, but it has not been able to fully recover, as unemployment rate still has not shrunk down. Moreover, business community is also struggling to find their feet.

Thus, in such a situation if a person feels insecure about his or her job, it’s completely understandable. However, acceptance is not a solution of this problem because if one loses a job in tight times it gets really difficult for them to find another one.

So one should find practical solutions of this problem in order to keep his or her current job during slump. Below we have listed some solutions for this problem, which are likely to enable people to keep their job.

1. Enhance Your Skills The best way to retain a position in any industry and under any circumstances is by enhancing or developing numerous skills. The idea behind this tip is that more you know about different facets of a business, more valuable you will become for a firm or company.

Just like cricket, where a captain prefers to select an all-rounder over a batsman and bowler because such a utility player gives him more options in the match. Thus, one must develop their skills to keep a job and the fastest way to achieve this task is through ninthd’s (9th D) economic viable skills (EVS) training programmes.

That are specifically created to develop the skills of the work force, as world’s top institutes, i Carnegie Global Learning and UKCET has helped ninthd in designing these certifications.

2. Be Ready to Do Work at Anytime           

This is one habit that will give you an edge over your colleagues and make you a blue-eyed boy of your boss because managers love such workers who are more than willing to do work at any time.

More importantly, in tight times the attitude of an employee matters a lot because when it comes to downsizing employers also counts their attitude towards work.

3. Build Solid Relations

Always consider that building relationship with your colleagues and seniors is a part of your job because networking is one thing that never loses its value. No matter at what position you are serving in an organization networking comes handy at any level.

For instance, if your seniors gets the task of reducing the employees they will definitely try to save you if you managed to develop strong relationship with them.

4. Always Remain Proactive

In tight times it is also important for employees that they should always remain proactive because when small issues becomes big problems, they spoil the repute of workers.

Thus, employees should show activeness and resolves all small issues before they become a headache for them and their boss. Remember, managers love such employees who are highly motivated, self-starters and does not require much supervision.         

5. Never Make Your Boss Look Bad  

Last but certainly not the least tip is that never make your boss look bad in tight times. Otherwise, he or she will not waste much time to fire you.

Thus, one should strictly meet the deadlines and perform all the task without any errors because if your boss have to face embarrassment in front of his or her boss due to your negligence.

Then, no matter how strong your relations are in a company you can still be replaced by another person over poor performance.

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