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Police foils self immolation effort outside CM House

DPO Kasur Jawad QamarLahore:Chief Minister House security staff foiled an attempt of self immolation against police and  sent the aggrieved family to CM Complaint office with the assurance of justice .

According to the details, A labourer family ,resident of Kot Radha Kishan came to CM house seeking protection against police.The family tried to meet the khadim-e-Aala but security staff did not allow them to enter in the CM house premises.The aggrieved family stared protest on the behaviour of security staff and meanwhile,a woman of the poor family shower oil on her body and as she was giving fire to oil the security staff bow down the demand of the family and took their application for inquiry.

The ill-fated Iqbal and his son said that they earn their livelihood  by running a store and tea-stall near police station Kot Radha Kishan.Policemen often take things on credit,on day he demanded the payment from AS Sharif who made an example by naked him before people and tortured.

They gave an application to DPO Kasur for justice,when dpo staff informed ASI Sharif about application,he came to his house,entered forcibly,did not care the kids and the women,thrashed him before his family and the residents of the area, and left the scene with the warning to beware of him.They approached the local court but police detained his family in the police station and we neither could get MLC nor justice from the court.


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