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Success of Imran Khan’s recently hatched agenda will be Pakistan’s defeat :PML-N

siddique ul farooqLahore: The success of Imran Khan’s  recently hatched agenda will be Pakistan’s defeat. He is following  Goebbels to get out of his personal problems and trying to create instability in the country. This was stated by the  PML-N Chief Coordinator  Siddique ul Farooq while releasing fact sheet about Imran Khan’s allegation in a news conference here on Wednesday.

He said all election surveys conducted by  independent international  and national  institutions had predicted PML-N clear majority at federal and Punjab levels while they foretold PPPP’s victory in Sindh and PTI’s victory in KPK. Mr Khan clearly knew the fact and his advisors suggested him to avoid chanting of the slogan of the clean victory but he rejected their advice saying ,”if I confess the reality openly then my workers would defiantly be disheartened and go back to their homes”.

The PML-N leader said that people of Pakistan  by the grace of Allah voted overwhelmingly

PML-N’s past record, Shahbaz Sharif’s government best performance in Punjab, failure of PPPP government in resolving most issues confronting people along with allegations of corruption, Nawaz sharif successful long march for the restoration of the judiciary, strong commitment with the constitution and democracy, practicable and comprehensive election manifesto and peoples sympathy for PML-N against Pervez Musharraf oppressive actions against PML-N top leadership and workers and rigged elections.

He advised Imran Khan to follow Nawaz Sharif in his footprints in KPK rather than hatching conspiracy. The PML-N leader said Imran Khan is currently followings six serious political, personal and psychological problems and he is compromising national interest by playing fowl to resolve these problems.

  1. He considers the success of Nawaz Sharif’s economic agenda as his political demise.
  2. He is facing failure and decline in KPK because PTI government in the province has failed to fulfill his pre-election commitment including eradicating corruption and holding LB polls in 90 days, making KPK polio free and restoring complete law and order promptly.
  3. He is facing fissures in PTI ranks because of his dictatorial attitude, frequent U-turns and humiliation of party leaders and elected representatives by him.
  4. Despite “angel’s assistance” vote of sympathy as a result of the accident and IRIS’s (Andleeb Abbas) concocted popularity survey  and rigging he badly failed to bag ,”clean sweep”. This defeat has put him under a lot o psychological pressure.
  5. He is buffered  by  a content of a “tweet” by social media considering it against his person.
  6. Pressure by the internal and external patrons to implement their dictation.


The PML-N’s chief coordinator said,” my humble advise to IK would be to march on a fair path to resolving his all the six problems confronting him and should openly accept his defeat in general elections. He must know that his candidates got their securities forfeited (zamanat zabat) in 55 constituencies.

He must give explanation for the failure of his government in KPK and tender unconditional apology to the nation for making unrealistic and false pre election promises.

He must shun dictatorial attitude and the habit of taking frequent u-turns and try to learn how to respect his PTI’s office bearer and elected representatives.

He must take the possible success of Nawaz Sharif’s economic agenda as the success of Pakistan and its poor and middle class citizens and refrain from hatching conspiracies against it.

He must find a solution in consultation with sincere friends to get out of the psychological  pressure created by the “tweet”.

IK must also express his inability to implement the dictation of his domestic and foreign patrons because those who follow such dictations have no future.

Referring to the contemptuous remarks about Imran Khan regarding election tribunals and cases in the courts, Siddiq said there was a time when Imran Khan was never tired of praising the judiciary in his press conferences. He said it was Imran Khan who praised Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry and Chief Election Commissioner and expressed his full confidence in them.  He questioned as to why after eleven months of the elections, he was maligning both of  them for electoral rigging without any proof. He refer the former chief justice challenge thrown to IK for providing proves to support his allegation and advised him to accept the challenge.

He said Imran levels serious allegations of 35 punctures on Najam Sethi but when he asked about proofs he did not respond . Mr Sethi served two legal notices to IK but Mr Khan did not bother to reply. When asked by a TV anchor he said just open four constituency and you will get proofs. Asked who told him once he refer just to a “Diplomat” . For the second time he said my CHURYA (sapparow) told me about these punctures.

He said it was Imran who asked Mian Nawaz Sharif in 2011 that PML-N should resign from 93 National Assembly seats and dissolve the Punjab Assembly to pave the way for elections. Now he is trying to dictate the PML-N for checking of thumb impression of four seats.

He asked the PTI chief that instead of making the elections controversial,he should look at the reports of foreign observers including the EU and Common wealth which declared them as a mile stone in democratic history of Pakistan.

He said Imran used the FAFEN report in the negative sense which pointed out that there were 71297 polling irregularities in 38274 polling stations of 263 constituancies which means that less then two irregularities were registered. These irregularities include of setting up of polling camps within the 400 yards of polling station area or taking the campaign material inside the polling station. It does not mean their was rigging.

Referring to IK fowl play about Nawaz Sharif victory speech made on May11,20013 at 11:25pm while addressing PML-N workers at 180-H model town . He said over two dozen media networks were covering that address .Nawaz sharif has said,”according tp the election result so far PML-N had emerged as leading party, for which we are thankful to Allah almighty– —————pray to God to decorate us with clear majority we do not depend upon the crutches of others support”.While IK concocts that Nawaz Sharif asked for giving clear majority and alleges that RO manipulated results in PML-N favor. Mr siddique said that all candidates and parties head offices establish election offices . Candidates collects results from the polling stations and compiled them generally, knew their position maximum after 3 to 4 hours of closing of polling process.While party Head Quarter come to know party position between 9to 10pm.

He said PML-N majority was in line with the surveys of independent institutions like IRI andGallup which predicted 38% votes to PML-N and 18 to 19 percent to PTI. He said Imran Khan full knew it and his party’s leaders and analysts were tell him that PML-N was leading and thePTI would get between 20 to 30 seats. However he keep on insisting that if he accepted this, his workers would get disheartened and that was why he kept on giving clean sweep Lollypop to the workers.

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