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PML-N’s election fraud confirmed: PTI

Ijaz ChLahore: PTI Punjab President Ejaz Ahmed Chaudhry said that Multan’s constituency decision by the election tribunal asking for thumb verification and the NA-68 decision admitting that instead 7,789 casted was a confirmation of what PTI had been saying all along that massive fraud and rigging had been conducting by the presiding officers returning officers working under the instructions of the governments and its collaborators.

He said that after one year of pressurizing and protesting ECP has said that NA-154 was one of the four seats PTI has been demanding to be opened from one year as massive amount of rigging evidence discovered in it with opened bags and opened seals and it is justice that now the petition had been accepted and sent to NADRA for thumb verification. He said that PTI demanded that all those involved in NA-154 delayed and tampering of the material should be immediately punished and without punished them we are letting crime to flourish.

PTI Punjab General Secretary Dr. Yasmin Rashid said that the how can ECP say that there was a printing error of 7 thousand votes in one polling station and even it was a printing error why have they not cancelled the results on the basis of that because it was been that these errors would be found everywhere NA-68 won by PM Nawaz Sharif was completely faked and rigged.

She demanded ECP and election tribunal to find out why the presiding officer was who admit the writing error and changed the election results and punish him for this crime. She demanded that all seats of which were under petition opened so that more and more fraud could be exposed so that the claim PTI of the fake government mandate is correct.

She said that the NA-118, NA-154 and NA-68 results are a proof of the election being completely manufactured by the RO’s and presiding officers under the instruction of the PML-N machinery. She said that PM should now have the courage to forward and said that like Chairman Imran Khan says that NA-68 should be opened up and its recount should take place.

She said that the government was so afraid that its corruption and rigging should be exposed that’s why they have suppressed the petitions of PTI but now that they were being exposed nothing can stop from the truth to be exposed.

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