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PTI selects female representative for PP 107

ptiLahore:  PTI Punjab President Ejaz Ahmed Chaudhry said that while allocating tickets to pp-107 said that he had selected Nighat Intesar Bhatti as the candidate for by election.

He said that the PTI was party which believes in the potential of women would promote and facilitate everything to make the position of women stronger in the assembly. He said from the very backward area Hafizabad PTI selected a female representative which shows that PTI’s vision that women had great potential in Pakistan and proper opportunity would bring out a lot of is now being put into practice by giving tickets to female representatives.

He said that the only a female representative would be able to understand the issues of Hafizabad female population and would be able to raise their voice in the assembly so that the backward areas also get attention in policy discussion. He said that the general elections have now been proven to be totally rigged and despite heavy rigging PTI candidate for national assembly got 75 thousands vote and would have won the election easily if the rigging had not taken place.

PTI Punjab General Secretary Dr. Yasmin Rashid said that the female Nighat Intesar Bhatti would give a very good show of PTI in Hafizabad as the government had defaulted in all its provinces and nothing for these remote areas. She said that Nighat Intesar Bhatti on merit should be able to win by 10 to 15 thousand votes and said that the government machinery is already in action to ensure that this popularity of PTI in these areas is stolen away by governments tactics of pre-poll rigging and using the machinery to change the results. She said that on the 29th history will be made as the female representative will out to all his male competitors.

MNA Rai Hassan Nawaz, Usman Saeed Basra, Ansar Bhatti, Mansha Sindhu, Nazeer Chohan, Qasim Tarar, Aman ullah Sindhu, Shokat Bhatti, Faizullah Khamokha, Nadeem Haroon, Rao Khalid Mustafa, Bakhtiar Qasoori, Qasim Tara, Col.(Rtd) Ejaz Minhas and other office bearers were also present.

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