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NBP,Railways and Customs bagged victories

33RD NATIONAL JUNIOR HOCKEY CHAMPIONSHIP 33RD NATIONAL JUNIOR HOCKEY CHAMPIONSHIP 1 33RD NATIONAL JUNIOR HOCKEY CHAMPIONSHIP 2 33RD NATIONAL JUNIOR HOCKEY CHAMPIONSHIP 3Karachi: NBP,Railways and Customs have registered victories on the fifth day of the 33rdNational Junior Hockey Championship at the Hockey Club of Pakistan Stadium here on Monday.

Customs’ Sarwan demonstrated remarkable skill and technique and led his side to beat Sindh (W) 4-3 in a thrilling last match of the day. He moved and changed his positions according to the situation, dribbled beautifully and his dodging was also amazing. He gave accurate passes to his colleagues and played a significant rule in his team’s two goals. Both teams played aggressively and their moves were worthy to watch which thrilled the crowd.

Arsalan from Customs opened the account in the 11th minute with a beautiful field goal. Six minutes later Sindh bounced back to level the score through Sajeel. Customs’ Dawood and Subhan made a productive move in the 24thminute which earned a penalty corner. Mateen successfully converted it. In the 31st minute, Sarwan beautifully dodged two defenders and gave pass to Dawood who slammed a field goal. Four minutes later Sindh’s Husnain and Jamshed launched a productive move and entered in the D where Jamshed gave pass to Sohail Abbas Junior who dashed to deflect the ball to score the second goal for his team. Sajeel’s field goal in the 43rd minute levelled the score 3-3. Customs instantly bounced bak to take lead again in the 44thminute when Dawood scored his second goal. Three minutes later Fazeels’ goal brought Customs in a comfortable position with leading by two goals. In the 48th minute Mohammed Arif the fourth goal for Sindh. Munawar Hussain and Atif Malik supervised the match.


Earlier, in the opening match of the day NBP continued their winning streak amid brilliant show of artistry by their forwards two W’s, Waseem Aslam and Waseem Akram who scored two goals apiece to lead their team to a comfortable win against Islamabad. Waseem Aslam took initiative to score the first goal in the third minute. Then it was the turn of Waseem Akram who netted the ball eight minutes later. In the 15th minute Ihtasham scored the third goal for the bankers. Waseem Akram scored his second goal in the 19thminute while three minutes later Waseem Aslam scored his second goal to take the total score 5-0 at the end of the second half. In the last half of the match Islamabad scored a consolatory goal. In the 55th minute Hafiz Tayyab deflected a very strong hit struck by Ali Sher into the goal post 55th minute. Muneer and Afsar supervised the match. .

Railways qualified for the quarterfinals beating Punjab (W) with a solitary goal in the second match of the day. Both teams played excellent hockey in the first three halves which, however, remained goalless. Forwards from both sides made a number of moves and got five penalty corners as well but failed to convert none. In the 56th minute Railways Kamran Riaz collected the ball from his half and passed it to Mohammed Shahbaz on the half line who dodged two players amid his skillful dribbling and gave a short pass to Mohammed Zeeshan in the D who happily availed an open chance. Kamran MP and Kamran Rais were the field umpires.

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