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N-League Government a Bigger Threat to Pakistan than India: Ch Monis Elahi

Photo Moonis Elahi {May17-14}Lahore: The rigging prone N-League government is a bigger threat to Pakistan than even India. N-League’s pro-Indian policies are strangulating Pakistan’s agriculture as well as other sectors of economy.Whenever N-League comes into power inflation, load shedding and unemployment become the order of the day. N-government has planned to once again rig Narrowal PP-136 election on May 22.

These views were expressed by Moonis Elahi, central leader Pakistan Muslim League while addressing a huge election rally in Narrowal today. In his address, Moonis Elahi dubbed N-League’s pro-Indian policies as mainly responsible for the heavy losses being incurred by the Pakistani farming community. He said that Pakistani crops were rotting in the fields while substandard Indian agricultural products were coming in local markets.

Moonis Elahi said, Punjab farmers who were prospering in Parvez Elahi’s rule were now forced to live in hand to mouth circumstances under N-League government. Moonis Elahi cited N-League’s mysterious silence on the issue of Indian encroachment on Pakistani rivers as another proof of its hidden pro- Indian agenda. He further revealed that while India had floated international tenders for construction of nine new dams on Pakistan’s River Indus, N-government had not moved an inch forward on the construction of the direly needed Kalabagh Dam project.

Had the present Pakistani rulers been sincere with the nation they would have by now waged a consensus building campaign among provinces for the construction of Kalabagh Dam, said Moonis Elahi.

Calling Narendra Modi a slayer of innocent Muslims, Moonis Elahi was highly critical of the Pakistani Prime Minister’s greetings to the BJP leader on his election victory. Narendra Modi will not have to do much in the coming days against Pakistan as the present incompetent Pakistani rulers will themselves be serving Modi’s anti- Pakistan policies, he said.

Calling N-League the party that ransacked the Supreme Court of Pakistan in the past, Moonis Elahi strongly condemned N-League government’s recent attempts at tarnishing the unblemished name of Pakistan Army and the ISI. The nation will not forgive these conspirators, he declared.

Moonis Elahi sounded his apprehensions at N-League’s plan of once again rigging the PP 136 bye-election in Narrowal on May 22. He urged the government functionaries responsible for conducting the election to work independently and fairly and refrain from succumbing to the incumbent government’s unfair demands.

In his address, Moonis Elahi reminded the people of Narrowal of the various services rendered for their betterment by Pakistan Muslim League under Chaudhry Parvez Elahi. He reminded those present in the rally that Narrowal received the highest development budget in its history during Chaudhry Parvez Elahi’s rule.

This record spending in Narrowal resulted in the completion of several welfare projects including the Narrowal DHQ hospital, new schools, roads, gas supply to most of Narrowal and the establishment of Rescue 1122 and Highway Patrolling Posts.

Moonis Elahi specially mentioned the Narrowal IT University which he said had not been allowed to function to date by the N-government like the Lahore IT Tower as both projects were constructed by Chaudhry Parvez Elahi for the better future of the youth of the province.

Moonis Elahi urged the people of Narrowal to vote for Rana Muhammad Istikhar the Pakistan Muslim League candidate in PP 136 bye-election. Earlier on his arrival at the election rally, the PML senior leader was accorded a warm welcome.

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