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Geo has been receiving US and DFID funding: Imran Khan

Imran KhanLahore: Chairman Pakistan Tehrek e Insaf Imran Khan said that Geo has been receiving US and DFID funding (so far £ 6.9 m) and shaping the national narrative on foreign agendas. And no financial statement is available for MKRF to ascertain how much of these monies actually went to GEO and how much for other activities.

While addressing a press conference here at Islamabad Imran Khan said that funding for GEO and Independent Media which owns GEO is very murky. Overseas funds are donated to MKRF which are then routed to GEO. He said that Bank defaults and overdue payments to PEMRA and Sindh Revenue Board.National Bank is owed Rs 1.8 b as of 2010. Cases filed, loan restructured but no payments made.So domestically in Pak Independent Media is a huge defaulter.

Imran Khan claimed that PEMRA’s ex chief has stated he was fired because he sent the dues owed to the Senate and he denied a fifth license. In addition Mir Shakil ur Rehman took a personal decision to vilify ISI Chief for 8 hours on TV.He said that equally GEO/Jang launched a personal attack on him.

He claimed that the link between GEO/Jang group and the PML-N has been established not just in the manner in which Geo colluded to announce electoral victory for PMLN – but in the recent bizarre behaviour of the govt where one Ministry,Ministry of Defence, filed petition against Geo in PEMRA and another Ministry (Information) challenged legality of the MoD’s petition by sending it to Ministry of Law.

Imran Khan said that cricket rights clearly showed collusion between the PML-N and Geo/Jang group.The firing of the PEMRA Chief by PML-N for moving against GEO/Jang gp also reflects the PML-N-Geo/Jang gp,he added

Chairman PTI claimed that the collusion between the PML-N and Geo/Jang gp is also reflected in the FBR tax notice to Najam Sethi for 20,519,466/- on July 2012 and the subsequent acceptance of the appeal by the FBR in January  2014.

He demanded that the financial illegalities must be brought under the purview of the law. That all those who have broken laws including on foreign funding must be penalised. He said PTI demands an independent transparent audit of the Independent Media which owns Geo and of Mir Shakil ur Rehman’s assets and taxes. That Geo apologise to the nation for pushing forward a foreign funded agenda. That Geo apologise to Chairman PTI for the vilification campaign against him.

He said that worse still Geo hurt the religious and cultural sentiments of the nation by airing a particular morning show which also contravenes the PEMRA laws and Pakistan Constitution which states nothing will be done contrary top Islam,till the govt moves the law against the illegalities of Mir Shakil and Geo/Jang gp, and the apologies are forthcoming, PTI will maintain its boycott. PTI also asks the nation to do the same.

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