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Rulers have even snatched the right to live from the workers:Raja Basharat

Raja Basharat and Ch ZaheerLahore: Pakistan Muslim League -Q Punjab Senior Vice-President Muhammad Basharat Raja has said that the present rulers have even snatched the right to live from the workers, if the govt was functioning successfully then the problems would have been solved automatically, in view of dearness increase in salaries has become inevitable.

He said further that minimum wages of the workers should be determined in view of present dearness, Muslim League will not leave the workers who were struggling for their rights alone and will stand by them in every protest. He said during five years tenure of Ch Parvez Elahi workers had not come on the roads for their rights.

He said this on the occasion of arrival of delegation of Punjab Mazdoor Ittehad Class Four and Punjab Paramedical Staff arrival at the Muslim League House here to express their gratitude for supporting their demands and participation of a PML delegation in their sit-in under direction of PML Punjab President Ch Parvez Elahi.

On this occasion, PML Punjab Secretary Information Seemal Kamran said that workers coming on the roads for their genuine demands was the worst example of bad governance. She said that tenure of Ch Parvez Elahi was an era of ideal progress and development of Punjab and service to the people, today dearness, unemployment and lawlessness have increased quite dangerously because of inefficiency of the rulers. . She said that instead of taking further workers friendly projects starting during the tenure of Ch Parvez Elahi present rulers had snatched away all facilities from workers, billions of rupees wasted on dramatic jangla bus could have been utilized for construction of several hospitals and schools, free medicines could be provided to the deserving patients whereas residential colonies could also be established for the workers.

Labour Wing Punjab President Sajjad Baloch said that during the tenure of Ch Parvez Elahi every year 12 lakhs employment opportunities were created but today inefficient rulers occupying Punjab were snatching away even bread from the workers who were selling their children and committing suicides because they were unable to arrange for two times meals.

Labour Wing Punjab General Secretary Arshad Bokhari said that prosperous Punjab of the tenure of Ch Parvez Elahi was now facing worst situation during ‘shaikh chili’ projects of the rulers, electricity has been made so costly that it has gone out of the reach of the people.

Paramedical Staff Punjab General Secretary Rehmat Sindhu said that they were deeply grateful to PML leadership Ch Shujat Hussain and Ch Parvez Elahi for supporting their demands and participating in their sit-in. He said that N-League govt had always exploited the workers, instead of creating employment opportunities for them they have even snatched last loaf of bread from them also.

Chairman Paramedical Staff General Hospital Lahore Rana Parvaiz said that that they had never been given so much honour which Paramedical Staff was accorded in Muslim League House today for which they were grateful to PML leaders and announced that paramedical staff of entire Punjab was with the Pakistan Muslim League and from today would work for Pakistan Muslim League as its workers.

PML leaders Muhammad Basharat Raja, Seemal Kamran, Sajjad Baloch, Arshad Bokhari and Majida Zaidi welcomed into the party fold those who had joined Pakistan Muslim League. 

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