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I would like to see Kashmir liberated and water problem solved: Dr. Majid Nizami

Lahore: I would like to see Kashmir liberated and water problem solved, Dr. Majid Nizami remarked, even if we have to resort to nuclear warfare.03-04-14 birthday nizami sb

He was expressing himself on his 86th birthday ceremony arranged by the Pakistan Movement Workers Trust in his honour. By sheer chance, the date of his birth happened to be the same as the date of inauguration of the water filtration plant by the Punjab Governor.

Those who attended his birthday ceremony included Dr. Majid Nizami,  Prof. Dr. Rafique Ahmad, Pir Syed Muhammad Kabir Ali Shah, Mian Farooq Altaf, Zia Shahid, Maj-Gen(r) Rahat Latif, Dr. Ajmal Niazi, Ch. Naeem Hussain Chattha, Mian Ibrahim Tahir, Col(r) Ikram Ullah, Begum Mehnaz Rafi, Shahid Rashid, Prof. Dr. Parveen Khan, Begum Surayya, Asar Chauhan, Dr. M.A. Sufi, M.A. Sheeda Advocate, Zulfikar Rahat, Muhamamd Riaz Fatiyana, Dr. Yaqub Zia, Mirza Sadiq Jaral, Col(r) Amjad Hussain Sayyed, Allama Asghar Ali Kausar Waraich etc. Mr. Shahid Rashid conducted the proceedings of the ceremony.

Punjab Governor, Ch. Muhammad Sarwar, congratulated Dr. Majid Nizami at his 86th birthday ceremony and hoped that he would complete his century and see with his own two eyes Pakistan transform into an ideal Islamic, democratic and welfare state as envisaged by the Quaid-i-Azam and Allama Muhammad Iqbal. Both the P.M. and the C.M. Punjab were leaving no stone unturned to achieve this very objective, the Governor remarked.

Mian Farooq Altaf prayed for the longevity and good health of Dr. Majid Nizami who never let the ideology of Pakistan be forgotten. Dr. Majid Nizami is a whole institution, not merely an individual, he remarked.

Prof. Dr. Rafique Ahmad observed that Dr. Majid Nizami was a veritable beacon who had always kept alive the ideology of Pakistan. Ghulam Haider Wyne had got the building constructed whereas Dr. Majid Nizami infused the spirit of life into it and disseminated the ideology of Pakistan far and wide. Mr. Zia Shahid, Col(r) Amjad Hussain, Ata-ur-Rehman, Begum Bushra Rehman, Dr. Parveen Khan, Begum Surraya Khurshid, Rana Arshad,  Ahmed Ali Kasuri and Pir Syed Muhamamd Kabir Ali Shah paid their tributes to Dr. Majid Nizami and prayed to Allah for his good health and long life.


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